3 Things that Couples Worry About and How to Overcome them when Planning Your Wedding

Ah, yes, love is in the air! You and your soon-to-be spouse have been together thick and thing and now you’re on your way to get married! How exciting for you guys! As a wedding filmmaker in the Roanoke Valley, I’ve seen hundreds of happy couples walk down the aisle and seen them whisked away in a limo off to have a get new happy marriage together. But, many of those couples had a couple of things in common, wedding planning.

Well today, I want to share with you three things that most couples face when they’re putting the wedding together and I’ll show you how you can overcome these common obstacles.  And don’t worry, having a wedding video isn’t part of them, haha. (although it should be from my standpoint, j/k)

The Budget

Most couples will start thinking about a wish list of things they want at the wedding day and that boils down to a budget. The first thing couples realize, weddings are expensive. Some people will tell you that wedding vendors such as myself will rack couples over the coals just because they’re getting married. Well that’s a myth, in fact most vendors barely squeak by year to year, but that’s another article for another day.

Everything that you do at your wedding (or don’t do) boils down to money.

The best thing you can do is set a wedding budget. For those that follow me each week know about my local wedding budget tool. I created this tool to show what a local wedding will cost you if you got married in SWVA. I understand that the cost of living is much less here than say Richmond or NOVA and the national average that theKnot.com has of $34,000 and change isn’t that number in the Roanoke Valley.

In fact, adjusted for pricing in our area, that price with the same services is about $27,500. The great thing about the tool is that it’s a great starting point in how much you should spend on a certain wedding vendor in our area. I suggest that you give it a try!

My personal suggestion is to stick to your budget.

If you do need to make an adjustment, decrease one thing and add that cost into another thing. The example I normally give is to buy a cheaper wedding dress and use part of those funds to get a ceremony video.

The Timeline

All wedding timelines are different in 2019, not everyone has a 12-month window when it comes to getting married. As a filmmaker, I can typically tell which weddings have been planned in the long term and which ones were tossed together on the fly. It’s just a matter of planning smart and taking your time to get things done.

In fact, in my nearly 20 years of research and filming, nearly 67% of couples had 12 to 18 months to plan a wedding. If you have less than 12 months, I highly suggest that you delegate friends and family to help out in the planning process.

The most important thing you can do for yourself, if nothing else, get a wedding planner. A good one. Spend the money on hiring someone that knows what they’re doing and can get things done. The wedding planners in our area that I personally recommend:

·         Chelsea Yeatts

·         Traci Spradlin Clark

·         Shay Beckner

Wedding planners are the secret key to pulling off a great, stress-free and successful wedding. Do NOT hire a planner for just the “day-of” coordination either, hire them as a guide to the wedding industry.

Plus, I will tell you a small secret, wedding vendors that negotiate with planner’s verse couples will typically get you better pricing and services than if you did it yourself. On average, you can save 5-10% more by having your planner book vendors which will not only pay for the planner, but it can save you more money in the overall budget.

Something to consider there.

Asking for Help, Financial Help

Sometimes couples need to reach out to others for help with the wedding and that means asking family to help pay for something. Listen, it’s not a hardship if you need to reach out to mom and dad in order to help pay for a vendor or two, in fact, most couples today will ask their parents or loved ones for help.

My advice, if you do ask for something, be specific and ask for them to pay for a single wedding vendor that’s affordable.

Do your research ahead of time and inquire with them first before you go to them. Once you found the person that you want for your wedding, go to them (family) and have a game plan. The worst is that they can say no and if they do, it’s not the end of the world. The very last resort if to get a wedding loan although I suggest that you only do that if you have too.

I don’t suggest that you ask them for a flat amount of money but rather a game plan, saying things like “I’m looking at a florist and they cost $1,300, I was wondering if you can help us out with a gift…”

Asking for help is a great tool that you can use in order to help get the wedding service that you want.

My Final Thoughts

Planning your wedding is a hard process but with a little help and understand you can make it a very stress free and happy process. If you take away anything from my article today, it’s these three things:

·         Still to a wedding budget and use tools like the one I created to get started

·         Make sure that you have more than enough time to get everything lined up and in place. The average wedding planning time is about 14 months so plan right.

·         If you need to ask for help, ask family the right way. Don’t ask for a flat amount, but rather ask for them to pay for a service or two if you must ask.

And there you have it friends, three common things that most couples will experience in their wedding planning and how best to overcome them too. I greatly appreciate you checking up on my blog, I have hundreds of articles on wedding secrets, tips on how to save money and a wealth of information on tricks that you can do to have the best wedding possible.

Be sure to check out my overview page on how you can hire me for an award-winning wedding film for less than the national average too!