Plan Early and SAVE More Money


Welcome back friends and to everyone that’s new, welcome to my wedding film blog! Today, I want to share with you some great information when you’re starting to plan out the wedding and it has to do with booking everything early, there are some great benefits when it come to doing that and I want to explain why in my post today.

It Locks YOU in and Keeps Other Couples Out

Believe it or not, when you enter the world of wedding planning, you’re actually competing against other couples in the area. As I’ve stated before on the blog, approximately 2,200,000 couples get married each year in the United States and of that, about 55,000 are in Virginia. When we break things down even further, Southwestern Virginia has roughly 16,000 couples of the 55k that are getting married, about 29% of the state.

With so many couples out there, chances are many couples are going to have your wedding date. In fact, with 52 weekends a year, that averages to about 288 couples a given weekend and consider the roller coaster of a wedding season we have, that swells to 412 couples during the summer month.

Weddings by Region

Either way, having a few hundred other couples with your wedding date creates an issue and that’s with wedding vendors. Some vendors, such as wedding photographers are easy to choose from because it’s over saturated in our market place (and many around us too) but take officiant’s, florists, catering, dress makers, filmmakers, DJ’s and even venues, there is a limited number of vendors that operate in a given area.

Locking in your wedding date as early as possible prevents one of those other couples from taking your wedding date with the vendors that you really want to hire. As a wedding videographer myself, I run into this several times a year, especially with popular dates, in 2019 it’s September 21st, 2019. That date has been asked for so many times this year, it’s crazy.

My advice, once you have a budget, a venue with a wedding date, strike fast with everything else. Once you have the date and location, you can line everything else up and I highly suggest that you do within a month’s time if you want to have as many options as possible for your wedding vendors.

If you don’t, you will start to limit your options as time gets closer to your wedding date and that’s the last thing you want, to pick from the leftovers if you will.

The BEST Time to Plan Your Wedding

Believe it or not, the best time to plan for your wedding is during any off-season but not all areas have one. For example, here in SWVA, we have an off-season that’s October through late March but places like Orlando have warm temps all year, so there really isn’t an off-season there.

If you happen to live in an off-season area, I suggest that you take advantage of booking vendors like myself during this time.


Because off-seasons tend to be dry for vendors and they rely on income. More times than none, they will offer an enticement, usually a discount, to help get deposits and booking for the next year or two.

Many companies will discount services 5-25% depending on the vendor type and how much they want to discount. While saving 10% for example might not seem like much on a small vendor that costs $500, when you look at the grand scheme of things, that’s a big number when you start thinking $15,000 or $20,000 for a wedding.

That Last Minute Decision Will Cost You

If you wait until the last minute to book a vendor, such as a wedding videographer for example, expect to pay full cost. I’ve seen so many couples come in last minute, normally a couple of months from their own wedding seeking a wedding video. Well, don’t expect any discounts here, that’s because vendors know that your looking for a video and something cheap price wise.

The issue though, more times than none, is that you’re looking to spend a little bit of money while most of the companies in the region are starting out at $1,500. The other major issue, most of us are going to be booked two months out, so you’re going to have a hard time finding someone with great experience and provides good films at a great price point too.

What you’re left with is the low hanging wedding vendors and it’s not just videographers, it’s anyone that you’re seeking last minute within the industry.

This is a simple supply and demand scenario, a common business practice within the business world, after all, weddings and the wedding industry is really a business. I highly recommend that you book 9-12 months if not more for the wedding. The longer the wedding is out, the better your chances of getting the BEST vendors in the region along with much better pricing too.

The Takeaway

Here are the keynotes to take away from today’s blog:

·         You’re competing against many other couples for your wedding vendors. A given Saturday, there are 300-400 couples with the same date looking for the same services you are in our region of SWVA

·         Best time to book everything is the wedding off season and that’s to get the best rates possible on most vendors. There are some that offer discounts which can help you save more money

·         Don’t wait until the last minute to book a vendor, if you do, expect to pay full price on their services.

·         Also, the longer you wait to book a vendor, the harder it will be to find someone to do the services and do them well. Good wedding vendors tend to fill up their year 9-12 months out or more.