Ways to Actually Make Money to Pay for the Wedding


Hi friends, thanks again for checking out the wedding blog here. Money is the ultimate factor in what type of wedding your going to have and how basic or elaborate it will be on your wedding day. As a wedding filmmaker with more than 20 years’ experience in the wedding industry, I’ve seen some creative ways couple can actually make some money to help cover the costs that were racked up by the couple in the first place.

Today I want to share with you some of those pretty creative ideas that I’ve seen first hand and hopefully that can help inspire your own wedding a bit in the process!


Many couples will get wedding loans from places like Propser.com. These are unsecured loans that usually have larger interest rates and depending on how you pay them off, they can be effective. I ONLY recommend getting a wedding loan if you plan to pay it off BEFORE your wedding date.

You’re going to be spending lots of money in deposits and you’ll need money upfront in order to get things lined up. If you can wait a bit longer and just save up a handful of months then put down the deposits, do that if you can.

I don’t usually promote couples to get wedding loans unless it’s short term. The last thing you want is to come back form a honeymoon and have a massive amount of debt over your head.

Sponsored Weddings

So, a sponsored wedding is one where different elements of your wedding such as the wedding cake, dress, catering, and or wedding venue, are donated at no charge, in exchange for advertising and promotion of your sponsor.

If you love sales, and want to save tons of money, this may be a great way to give your wedding budget a boost! 

Here are some ideas I've come across in years past:

Start by looking for a new company just breaking into the wedding biz. Many times they have a limited advertising budget, and they may be eager to receive the free publicity, and the opportunity to reach potential clients.

Even a well-established wedding company loves publicity, especially if you have a large group of guests attending your wedding.

A wedding venue might offer a free event or a discount in exchange for placing their logo on the wedding invitations and/or place cards.

Wedding programs can be used for advertising, as well as the bride and groom’s wedding website.

Promote sponsors using your social networking skills! Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube are a great start. Make a cool wedding flash mob advertising your sponsor, post it and share!

Bartering can also sometimes be an effective tool, offer your services and skills in exchange for their services.

Make sure to get your agreement in writing!

Some people believe it's tacky, but any sponsored wedding that we've seen, was done very tastefully. Decide what your comfort level is and go with it.

You may choose to just accept one or two sponsors; every little bit helps!

Ask Guests to Sponsor a Part of the Wedding instead of a Gift

I’ve been to a wedding where the wedding guests sponsored the wedding day instead of giving cash or gifts to the couple. I remember the couple gave out RSVP cards with a list of parts of the wedding that a couple could sponsor.

Instead of giving a gift or having a registry, the couple made a small list of wedding related things and asked guest to pay a small portion of it.

The couple that I filmed in 2008 had the following list:

Wedding Dress - $800

Wedding Photographer - $1,600

Wedding Film - $1,295

Wedding catering - $3,100

This came out to just under $7,000 and the couple asked guests to “sponsor” one of the line items on the list for about $70. What was great is that this helped cover some of the line items in the wedding day and the couple actually make closer to $8,000 instead, which helped pay part of the venue too.

Having friends, family and loved ones help cover a small portion of the overall expenses was pretty genius and the couple was able to have an awesome wedding for much less than if they paid for it themselves.

Have a Money Tree at the Wedding Reception

A couple of weddings I’ve filmed over the year involves a “money tree” at the reception. Let your guests know that you’d rather have money in lieu of wedding gifts. Placing a dead tree branch with some glued clothes pins will allow people to come up, place money on the “tree”.

From the two weddings that I remember, one money tree had been filled with close to $4,300 according to the wedding planner while the other one had about $1,000 plus many people gave checks to the planner that totaled $8,800 for the couple too!

It’s a great way to help cover your costs.

Payment Plans

If you can find wedding vendors that offer monthly payment plans, consider doing that.

Why you might ask?

Think of it like this. It’s easier to make a payment than it is to fork out a huge chunk of money 9-12 months before the wedding day. I myself have been offering in-house financing plans starting at 0%.

This is how it works, you take the full amount and put down 20% of the balance then you can choose to make payments up to 10 months before the wedding. Paying $100-200 a month on a serv ice is much better than forking out $800 then another $800 the week before the wedding.

While there are not many companies that do this, there are some that do, so ask around.

Get a Side Hustle

I highly recommend that you get some sort of side hustle a year before the wedding in order to help cover the costs of the wedding day, the reception or even the honeymoon.

You can do several things like deliver newspapers, deliver pizza, start a small business or get a moonlight part-time job.

Saving money for the wedding is by far the best way to pay for the wedding.

Negotiate with Your Vendor

Finally, the most powerful weapon that you have with every wedding vendor, is the power of your pocketbook. And that means you have control of what you want from your vendors and in many cases, you can negotiate pricing with them.

If you want to save money on your wedding, hire a wedding planner and have them negotiate on your behalf. Things like having your wedding during the off-season, on a nontraditional day (Like a Thursday) can actually save you BIG bucks and that helps your bottom line.

Wedding vendors are more likely to work with pricing if you have a planner than they are if you just asked yourself.

I offer discounts for the off-season for example, 25% off my services if you get married November- March.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to help cover the cost of your wedding day and there are many more suggestions if you just search for them online. The ones mentioned in my blog today are ones that I’ve seen first hand and have worked pretty well. I encourage you to explore some of these avenues and take your time planning the wedding, don’t rush it.

I have plenty of other great articles about the wedding industry and of course, I offer great, affordable, award-winning wedding videos and films, so check out what I have to offer.

Thanks and come back again soon to the website!