The Best Roanoke Wedding Vendors and What to Look for When Hiring Them

Hi everyone, I hope that your wedding planning and booking is going great for you! Well, if you’re having issues with that, no worries, I can help!

When you’re meeting with a wedding vendor in order to book them, price isn’t everything. Those that know the industry well, understand that price is just one of many factors when it comes to couples booking them and what they have to offer.

I’d like to give you some great advice that you can use when thinking about booking someone for your wedding day so let’s dive right in!


Sure, everyone wants a great price when they book, it’s a natural thing and we see it all the time as you roam around Roanoke, sales prices. The same applies to the wedding industry and price is just one of the key factors you should be looking for when booking a great Roanoke wedding vendor. But also understand that price alone is not the reason you should be booking someone.

Price should be one of the things that you should honestly consider with vendors here in our area.

According to Wedding Wire, only 29% of brides are seeking wedding vendors based on price alone and nothing else. While that’s great, price doesn’t always mean you’ll get a great product or service so be careful if price is the biggest factor in hiring someone.

Now, I will say that price doesn’t always mean they have better experience either.

Take me for example, years ago I used to charge just as much as the next guy in order to keep my business going. Well, today price is not as important to me and I’d rather charge less and offer more people a great experience. It’s a trade off and you know why that is? Because filming weddings is no longer my livelihood, I have a full-time job at Roanoke College.

I film weddings today because I love it, something I talk about in my about me page


One of the key things that you want to check off on the box when it comes to booking a vendor is the experience.

Someone that has been doing weddings for 15 years is going to be much better at their job than someone with 2 years’ experience. Generally speaking, experience also means how much they know within their industry. The more experience, the more helpful they’re going to be with your wedding day

Additionally, the more experience they have, they less likely to make a mistake at the wedding too. I remember way back in 2000 I was filming a wedding at a church and I was doing the bouquet toss, I thought I had hit the record button but instead of checking it I was just running with it. Well, turns out I was recording basically the fluff and when I pushed the button, I hit stop instead. So, I got right before the bouquet toss and right after. Sadly, this was something that could have been avoided with experience of the camera gear, just something that comes with becoming good at what you do.

Value Added

The third thing to consider is their value-added services. And what I mean by value added is the little things that they do to help create a warm, welcoming experience. Some vendors provide little welcome gifts, others provide a custom card in the mail or personalized website page and the like too.

Others combine many valued added things within a package.

Now being value added comes in many forms, sometimes it’s a discount, sometimes it could be an add-on at no additional cost, or it could be in the form of a warranty or service agreement. For example, there are wedding dress shops here in Roanoke that include alterations for free if purchase a dress from them. That’s something value added, meaning it doesn’t cost you anything additional.

Many vendors offer different value-added services but not all have them.

Quality & the Involvement

Quality is something that we all understand. A BMW for example is going to be better built than say a Nissan. It’s doesn’t always mean it’s better, but it’s a level above basic and that’s what couples are seeking, the experience.

As a wedding vendor, I understand that couples today want an experience, not just a wedding video. Over the years, I’ve had to change my style, the way I do business and create an experience to go along with my wedding films.

Through great emails, a custom web portal, a welcome gift for couples that choose select packages, little surprises along the way to the wedding, you must create an awesome experience for the couples in 2019. Not only that, but you must consider that in today’s world, couples expect an experience along with a product or service.

The Overall Arching Key

You need to consider the price, the experience, the quality and the value-added items that a wedding vendor brings. Here in Roanoke and the Southwestern Virginia there are many great vendors that provide and offer all four keys to a great wedding vendor.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when hiring a great wedding vendor.

1.       Do they offer good pricing for the level of work they provide?

2.       Do they have good experience in what they can offer for your wedding day?

3.       What sorts of value-added things do they bring to the table that are unique?

4.       Is the quality of what they offer satisfactory for your big day?

If you answered these questions and have any concerns about one of them or can’t answer them, try to find out why, maybe the wedding vendor simply didn’t answer them for you or maybe they can’t help providing clarity. If you still have problem’s answering the questions after you chat with them, they might not be good to work with.

Spend your money wisely and invest in people, products and services that are time tested and that can get the job done correctly. Remember, money isn’t the only thing to consider when shopping around for a vendor, so keep your eyes peeled for the other parts that they offer too.

I hope this has been helpful for you guys and keep coming back to the blog for other great advice and wedding related articles.