The Best Wedding Sparklers to Buy for Your Roanoke Wedding

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A common question that I read and hear a lot when talking to couples is about sparklers, where to get them and the best kinds to buy for their wedding.

What most couples don’t know however is that there are many colors, lengths, styles. Today, I’m going to provide you the best sparklers that I’ve worked with over the years when film-making and where to buy them at.

The Length

When you first think of wedding sparklers, 4th of July typically comes to mind and that’s normal. Usually when you’re doing fourth of July celebrations the length of the sparklers is very short 8-12 inches give or take.

In the wedding industry, there as many different lengths to choose from ranging upwards of 36-inches. Honestly, 36” is too long and many of those will break apart as they burn. The best size range I would recommend for you is a 20” or 24” sparkler. These tend to last about two minutes or so and they provide ample time for everyone to light them and usually gives us videographers and wedding photographers a couple of takes of you walking down and back.

I prefer the sparklers from Sparklers Online, a website that is dedicated to sparklers in the wedding industry. The thing I like about these is the color of the sparkler itself, which is more like a candle color, or 4700K for those techie types. Since they provide more of a natural light color, they’re great for wedding exits.

How to Light Them Quickly

One of the keys to setting up the perfect wedding exit is having everyone light them on time and getting the best equal length among everyone standing in line.

·         Choose a location that is sheltered from the wind to light your sparklers.

·         Only light one wedding sparkler at a time. Lit sparklers can be unpredictable with their spark discharge, so lighting multiple sparklers at once can be very dangerous.

·         Do not use matches to ignite a sparkler; including paper or wooden stick matches. A sparkler usually takes a few seconds to light and matches often burn down too quickly and burn your fingers before lighting the sparkler. Also, even if you manage to light the sparkler, you would have two burning items in your hands, one of which needs to be discarded quickly. This can lead to a potentially dangerous situation and can be avoided by simply eliminating matches from the equation. A simpler approach is to just use regular butane lighters for your sparklers.

·         Butane lighters, “BBQ” lighters, and propane torches can be used.  Lighters that keep the flame away from the hand holding the lighter are among the safest options. Electric ignition type propane torches, if available, are the quickest and best way to light sparklers at a wedding if used in an open area.

·         One of the most popular methods to light multiple sparklers is to light one wedding sparkler, then use it to light the rest of the wedding sparklers one at a time. You can designate 1 person as the “lighter” and have the rest of the people line up to take turns. When you light a sparkle with another sparkler, your hands are kept at a safe distance and you can enjoy the show will getting things ramped up.

·         Always keep the sparkler horizontal or with the tip angled down slightly. This will help light the wedding sparkler faster, as the flame will want to naturally move vertical and ignite the sparkler’s pyrotechnic compound. Going “with the grain” is always best way to light sparklers at a wedding.

·         Always light your sparkler at the tip, keeping the open flame the furthest away from the bare wire handle as possible.