The Best Secrets to have a Great Wedding Ceremony in Virginia

HI friends, thanks again for visiting the website and my blog here. As a life-ling wedding filmmaker, I can tell you there are some things that you should be doing at your outdoor wedding ceremony no matter how big or how small it may be, and no, it’s not a wedding video.

The Audio

Yes, audio.

While I might have a microphone on the officiant for your wedding, that’s for the video itself, not the audience during the ceremony. Perhaps the biggest complaint I hear from wedding guests is that they can’t hear what is being said very well, well that and being too hot in the sun at a ceremony.

If you do one thing to make your ceremony the best it can be, hire a wedding DJ to setup a mini table with speaker and a wireless microphone. Trust me, you will be doing yourself a great service by having audio amplified to the wedding guests, especially those in the back of the ceremony or those that may have hearing issues.

Chance of Rain

I’ve said it before, if there is a 25% chance or rain or more in the region and you see rain headed towards the venue, move it indoors. As a wedding videographer that’s been doing this 20-years, I run into about 20% of weddings where it rains and it’s also outdoors. In 2019 alone, with half my wedding season over, I’ve had three weddings where we had rain of some sort and the ceremony either stopped or got postponed for a bit.

I recommend that you do a couple of things if you’re dead set on having it outdoors with a chance of rain. Buy bulk umbrella’s, move the ceremony indoors or provide a sheltered area like under large trees where there is less rain during bad weather. Vendors like me have rain gear for our equipment, but many guests don’t have or carry such things.

Enjoy the Ceremony

Listen, at just about every-single-wedding I’ve ever done in my career, something goes wrong. Maybe its very minor, like the flower girls dumped the flowers at the start and just sort of walked off or maybe it was something major, like the wedding cake falling over. In either case, just roll with it.

If something happens, don’t get upset because honestly, we can’t control life sometimes. Your friends, family and loved ones are there to celebrate the day with you, so just let things slide if they don’t go according to plan.

Communicate with Media Pros

If you have both a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer make sure they both know what’s going to happen at the ceremony. I typically connect with wedding photographers before the wedding day if I can and when onsite, I always let them know where my cameras will be and I will try to be mindful of their needs as well.

Even with that, you might have something at the ceremony that is extremely important to you, maybe a special part of the ceremony – make sure we both know about it so we can capture it the best way possible.  For example, you may have a special table or chair setup for grandparents that might not be around anymore, if it’s important, we want to capture it.

Keep the Guests Happy

My final thing to keep in mind is to keep the wedding guest happy and cool on a hot summer day. That might mean you have a cooler full of bottled ice water that you provide them, maybe you have the catering company offer beverages while guests are being seated.

In either case, if you’re having an outdoor wedding and it’s hot, keep them cool if your ceremony is in the sunlight. No one likes to be hot and sweaty, especially at a wedding.

Well, there you have it a few things you can do to help improve the wedding ceremony and make your day a little bit easier too. Thanks for those that come back to the blog on a regular basis and welcome to all the newbies here too. I hope that you will come back soon as I have a world of great information about the local wedding industry here in the Roanoke Valley.