3 Ways to Afford a Wedding Videographer for Your Wedding

Ah yes, the wedding planning list and the budget. Many times, the two simply don’t work and you have to decide on cutting one or two corners in order to make something else happen. That’s something I hear way too often being a wedding filmmaker, people will usually tell me – “…Josh, we love your work, but we had to cut the video out of the wedding budget…”

Listen, I understand that. But I want to share with you a few ways that you can adjust your wedding costs to afford me or someone like me, you can still have your wedding video if you consider a few of these steps.

Trim Down the Wedding Photographer Budget

With most wedding photographers costing more than a wedding videographer, couples will spend about 14% of their overall budget on a wedding photographer if not more! Well the truth is that while you might enjoy someone’s images at a day rate of $2,400 (or $240 an hour at 10 hours of work for the wedding) you can many times hire someone a bit less expensive and still come out ahead.

Instead of hiring at a higher rate, look for someone equally as good for half that rate, $1,200-$1,500. You can find wedding photographers in the Roanoke market area and plenty of amazing professionals are within that range. If you found someone at $1,500 instead of $2,400, that would leave you with $900. That can get you’re a wedding ceremony video and reception video or close to my $975 feature film. By cutting the cost of the photographer, you’ve just paid for a wedding film and got the same level of quality with the wedding images too.

The Most Expensive Dress You’ll Ever Buy

I’ve said this MANY times before, buy a used wedding dress or buy one that’s not as much as your budget. Today, brides can easily drop $1,200 on a new wedding dress. Instead, buy one at $600-$800, or shop though a place like Brides Against Breast Cancer, they offer secondhand dresses at a MASSIVE discount, plus it’s a tax write off as they are a 501c3 non-profit.

By doing this, you can save enough money to buy my ceremony video for $475, again, your taking your money and doubling it by getting the wedding dress and a wedding video.

Monthly Payments

One thing that I offer is in-house financing plans that start at 0%. It’s a way to help you obtain a wedding video service while making payments over time. Since most wedding vendors require a huge wedding deposit, I give you the ability to make a smaller deposit and make monthly payments on terms that you setup.

For example, you decide to purchase my feature film for $975. You put down 20% of the cost to lock it in, $195, then you choose how many months you want to finance the rest, choosing between 2 and 10 months before the wedding.

Many times, couples’ monthly payments can range from $100-$250 a month depending on what they buy and the terms they want to setup.

Just something to think about.

Finally, you can trim other areas in small amounts in order to make room for your wedding video service. Since I’m much more affordable and many others out there, you’re already going to save money compared to my competition in most cases, so choosing me, even with travel and state taxes is many times cheaper than just going with someone that charging easily double my rates.

Well, there you have it friends, sorry for the short post today, but I hope this helps you out with your wedding planning and budgeting too!.