Wedding Videographers and Back Up Plans

Some gear on a wedding shoot

Some gear on a wedding shoot

Hi friends, welcome back to the blog. Today, I’m talking about wedding vendors such as myself and their backup plans. Over the weekend I had another couple ask me about my backup plans if something happens to me, so today I’ll talk about that as well as my backup gear and why all wedding videographers should be in alignment with this.

The Backup Plan

Every person in the wedding industry should have a backup plan. I myself have two others that can take my place at the last minute if needed and they are trained to provide the basics of the services that I offer.

Sure, that’s different that saying they can duplicate what I can do, but they’re trained to get the shots that I typically look for when filming for the day and they are familiar with the wedding gear.

In fact, when I worked back in the 1990’s as a wedding videographer, I didn’t start out as a solo shooter, I started as a backup shooter learning the rope of the wedding industry and boy have times changed!

Many of the newbie companies that are one-man-bands don’t have a backup person let alone two in case something happens to you. They should really think about having at least one person on a retainer for when something happens. It’s added insurance for the couple and you if there is an emergency.

Oh, and speaking of that, since 1999 when I started working in the wedding industry, I’ve NEVER had to use anyone as a retainer or a backup.

The Contract

When it comes to the contract, couples will want that in writing as a peace-of-mind way to help cover themselves and honestly, it covers you as well. But according to WEVA, the Wedding & Event and Videographers Association only 43% of wedding videographer and filmmakers offer a backup plan in the contract.

With regards to my own contracts I specifically state that in case of an emergency I will have someone to cover me and if needed I will personally hire another competitor in order to film if I can’t.

Listen, wedding contracts help protect all parties involved in case something happens. If your covering you bases, you won’t have anything to worry about.

In addition to the backup plan you’ll want to have other things in the contract to help protect couples too, but that’s for another blog post later this year.

The Backup Gear

Finally, every company out there that films weddings will want to have backup gear they can use at a moment notice and no, I’m not talking about renting gear from a company like either.

Listen, sometimes gear breaks and that’s unfortunate. If you don’t have a backup camera or two you can be screwed, and some companies only have one camera which is very scary. At every wedding I film I have a minimum of four cameras and up to six if needed.

For example, I have my main camera, a Panasonic GH5, then I have a couple of Panasonic G85’s, a slightly older Panasonic G7, a Panasonic FZ-1000 Mark II, a GoPro Hero 7 and a live stream camera that can act as an emergency camera if needed. (not including the drone and the lenses and accessories that go along with that)

I even have backup wireless mics and audio recorders, lights and the like too.

Now, I don’t need to use all of them at a wedding, but I bring most of them. It’s added peace-of-mind for everyone involved.

You’ll want to have backup gear at every wedding you film. If you don’t, you’re asking for trouble so be sure to invest in the right gear that you need.