Should You Tip a Wedding Vendor?

Most couples that are getting married might think about tipping a wedding vendor such as myself. Well, the truth of it is that only about 1 in every 14 couples will tip you for your services, it's not always cash and while the thought is nice, we don't expect a tip for what we do.

If you Don't Tip a Wedding Vendor

Listen, don't sweat it if you don't tip us, it's truly a nice gesture if we do get a small tip but because we are the hired help for the day, we're here to make your wedding day the best it can be. If we go home at the end of the night without a tip we're not mad and honestly we're just happy to be apart of the wedding.

As a wedding videographer, I usually get tipped or gifted with something fun and cool for my office about once or twice a year.

If you Do Tip a wedding Vendor

Hey, that's great. It shows that you truly appreciate the value in what we do as professionals. Tips don't always come in the form of cash, they can be a fun related gift or nick-nack.

A few years ago I received a very cool coffee mug that looked just like a camera lens, both me and wedding photographer got them and they were pretty cool.

Another couple gave me a very cool picture with Dr. Seuss and a quote that he had.

In either case, it was very thoughtful and it does make our day a bit easier too.

Who Would I Tip?

Being a wedding vendor myself, I would highly consider tipping those that don’t make a large amount of money such as a wedding officiant, hair and makeup artist and servers from the catering company. But thats me and because I see how much they work for so little compared to other vendors, I’d show my appreciation to them with a small gesture.

Well, sorry for the short article today friends, hey tipping a wedding pro is a very straight forward thing and there not much to it. Enjoy the rest of your day and be sure to check out my custom wedding video design tool too!