A National Wedding Company in Roanoke You Didn’t Know Existed

Hi everyone, thanks again for checking out the blog here. You know I was recently thinking about wedding bands, where they come from and they they’re made.

Yes, I know that wedding bands have hardly anything to do with wedding video or films here but today, I’m taking a detour to show you a more than 140-year-old company that produces wedding bands and it’s right here in the Roanoke Valley.

John C Nordt is a legendary company near the Roanoke Blacksburg Regional airport and they are a maker of wedding bands and solitaires for jewelry companies across the globe. They make basic wedding bands in gold, silver, white gold and palladium among other things.

Most of the time when you head to the jewelry store and purchase a traditional wedding band, it comes right up the street from John C Nordt. They also do private labeling for many national well-known brands and they’ve patented a process called FusionForged, in a nutshell the process allows the metal to be made without external flaws.

Most people have never heard or them nor knew that most wedding bands come from the either and thats because they don’t sell directly to consumers like you or I, but only to jewelry stores or to jewelry websites.

Here’s a great video about what they do so the next time you’re heading to the jewelry store, ask them if it’s a John C Nordt branded ring or if they carry them. You’ll be supporting a local company and you’ll know that your bands are made right here in Roanoke!

Thanks again for checking out the blog today, I have many great articles and they’re all about the local wedding industry here in SWVA.