Three Things that Annoy SWVA Videographers & Photographers Alike

Hi friends, hope that you’re well! Today I wanted to share with you a few things that annoy us professionals in the wedding industry, it’s not really a rant so much as it is just an awareness issue here. See, us media guys and gals are hired to do a job, make the couple look like Hollywood Rockstar’’s on their wedding day either through an image or through a film.

Let’s dive in and see what these things are and how you can help avoid them altogether.

The first kiss being ruined by a wedding guest and not following the ‘unplugged’ rule the couple asked for

The first kiss being ruined by a wedding guest and not following the ‘unplugged’ rule the couple asked for

The Unplugged Ceremony

If you’ve been to any number of weddings in recent years, then you most likely guessed it people that ignore the unplugged rule of thumb. We professionals are there to capture the big day and to capture the moments that the couple asked us to get, the last thing we need is for someone to get in the way of things with their smartphone or tablet.

The sad reality is that it happens far more often that you would think. My wedding season is about half over for the year and I’ve already had three people stand in front of the camera. We as pros must look out for each other during the wedding so we try not to get in each other’s way, the last thing we need is for someone to come along and hold up their iPhone to get an image for Facebook, we’re already taking care of that for the couple.

So, what you can do?

Well, a couple of things, have an unplugged sign, put it in the bulletin and have the officiant announce it beforehand too. While that might seem overkill, people overlook and forget these things. You don’t want your first kiss to be impeded by your great aunt’s cell phone like in this image.

The Timeline

Another annoying thing yet super important, the timeline of the day. I did a wedding recently where the wedding planner kept all that information to herself and gave out the information minutes before everything happened. Well, I have a lot of wedding gear, various lenses, batteries, lights, mics tripods and the like, I NEED to know what’s happening when so I can be ahead of what’s to come. Each wedding is different, so we need to be prepared knowing what’s next.

Well this wedding, both me and the wedding photographer had little to no clue what was happening and we both asked for the timeline a week before hand and got nothing. Listen, I understand you might have a wedding planner, but its much more effective if that planner gives out the information to all parties beforehand, the videographer, the wedding photographer, the DJ, etc.

Needless to say, we got through the day but honestly it was very stressful not knowing what’s happening or coming. There were mixed messaged on when the ceremony time was, the DJ didn’t know what was going on at the reception and this simply made for a rough day. Worst of all, every vendor had to ask the planner many times what was happening, so while she was being asked by 5 different vendors constantly it also impeded her job of running the show because she had to take 3 minutes for every vendor to tell them what was happening, then repeat that with every little thing, the cake, the first dance, etc.

Being Micromanaged

No one likes being micromanaged but us wedding professionals especially don’t like this. We’re paid to be at the wedding and a parent, maybe the planner who is your second cousin and dabbles behind a camera herself following us around and constantly getting in the way when were trying our best to capture the day the couple wants us too.

The point is simple, if you have a list of shots for us to get, great, give them to us and let us work them and give us enough time to make sure they happen too. As a wedding videographer, I’ve been to weddings where someone gave the photographer a list of shots with little time to get them all, then I must get my shots on top of that time-frame.

My rule of thumb, ask the wedding photographer how much time they think they’ll need for the pictures of everyone then add 10-15 minutes for us wedding video guys too. That way the wedding planner can adjust the schedule ever so slightly, we can get what we need to get and everyone is happy.

I’ve been to many weddings where they gave 45 minutes for the pictures only to be more than an hour and a half later, because the mom, planner or someone gave them a detailed, multi-page list of shots they want.

My Thoughts

Listen, we have a hard job as it is, being aware of that and allowing these small things to be circumvented will help speed things along, make your film, video or images the best they can be in a timely manner.

The last thing you want is for your wedding media professional to explain to you that your shot was not great b/c someone tossed up their hand and got in the way of the first kiss that you can’t redo.