Get a Wedding Video for Under $500

Ah, weddings. Yes, they’re lots of fun, all the prep work can pay off and it can be very enjoyable. But, if you’re like most couples on a tight budget, you’ve forgotten something, your wedding video.

Sure, a wedding video isn’t at the top of the list as it’s not really a priority to you, I get it -wedding photos were near the top of the list because, well, that’s how things have been for roughly 100 years or so. Well, after the wedding, long after it, a year or more, you’ll wish you had hired someone to film it.

Well, today, I want to share with you a way to get a great yet affordable wedding video under $500.

Many wedding videographers focus on just one thing, expensive, feature films. I do that too, but I also focus on smaller needs for local clients, wedding video. Unlike an expensive feature film, I offer a cost-effective way to record your wedding and have it to relive over-and-over again.

My ceremony wedding video is a simple way to capture those memories and be able to share with friend, family and loved ones too.

Priced at just $475 for the 2020 year, the ceremony video includes:

  • Two Professional Grade HD cameras

  • Wireless Microphone

  • Audio recorder (if needed)

  • Tripod/Monopod

  • Me (I mean, hey you need a filmmaker)

I will film your ceremony starting with the wedding party walking into the venue and capture everything until you make your exit.

Once I get back into the studio, I edit everything down going between the cameras and align the audio. It’s then placed on YouTube on my channel where you can watch it on demand.

Here is an example that I shot recently.