Advice for Groomsmen in the Roanoke Valley

SO, your buddy is getting married, how awesome is that! Just think, hanging out, drinking a brew, watching the big game on a Saturday, hitting up the town one last time, oh man what fun!

Well, I hate to burst the bubble, but there is more to that than just pushing through one last hooray as you send your friend out to married-land! While being a groomsman is a lot easier than being a bridesmaid, you actually have your fair share of responsibilities and today I want to share some of them with you so you can help make the wedding the best possible.

The Basics

Okay for starters I want to give you some commonsense stuff. There have been to many weddings I’ve filmed over the years where I’m hanging out with the groomsman getting ready and I head lots of stuff.

First pay for you own tux or suit. Just prepare to pay for it either in a rental or outright if needed, it’s a no-brainier so just expect that. Make sure it’s taken care of in time (whenever the groom says) and handle any changes to it and don’t forget the shoes, socks and belts.

Also, help plan out the bachelor party. Listen, you don’t need to hit up a strip club in order to have fun (we really don’t have many in the area anyway) but as a collective group, help pitch in some cash no matter what it is that you guys plan on doing. Many guys will do things like hit up downtown Roanoke but many guys, especially those that love the outdoors will do a camping trip up in the national forest or Smith Mountain Lake/Phillpott Lake or the like too. Sometimes just chilling around a campfire with some meats is just as good as going out to the local bar.

One of the things that guys don’t think about is attending the rehearsal dinner and making some sort of a speech. While its not needed, consider having something to say if you attend and no one else speaks up. When you do, don’t just talk about your buddy, talk about his soon to be spouse and how happy they make each other too.

Of course, you’ll want to help out with any last-minute preparation type things. Listen, your main job as a groomsman is to help out during the wedding and be there for the groom on his big day. If the couple needs help with something, no matter how big or small, help out. It could be as simple as helping people bring in the flowers or wedding cake, maybe just bringing in clothes, maybe its helping after the wedding with cleanup or collecting gifts. No matter what you do, help out the people around you with the wedding, be a great support team to them.

Beyond Those Basics

A few things to also know ahead of time, you’re going to be put to work with the wedding planner if needed. Be prepared to help usher people to aisles if you can like the wedding family and of course guests too, especially formal weddings.

Another great thing that you can do is help out the ring bearer or flower girl if they get ‘stage fright’ by going down the aisle to help them out. Many groomsmen will just stand there looking cool, but if you can help the ring bearer for example by walking back half way and reaching your hand out to help, it’ll go a long way and it’ll help place a bigger smile on the groom for the cameras (trust me, I’m a wedding filmmaker, I’ve been there before).

Oh, a fun thing that you can do as a groomsman is to decorate the getaway car! While the newly married couple might be getting into a fancy luxury ride, you can still find a way to make it memorable for them!

You’ll likely be spending a lot of money to be in your friend’s wedding and to attend pre-wedding events, but make room in your budget for a wedding gift. You also might consider going in on a more expensive, must-have present with the other groomsmen.

Help with the breakdown and carry gifts to the car. Post-wedding, sometimes members of the bridal party need to assist with clean-up duty. If that’s the case, get involved. (We’ve seen far too many groomsmen stand around and watch the bridesmaids do all the work!) And when it comes to breaking down or moving items, everyone will be looking to you to be the muscle, so help out!

Finally, behave yourself. Some groomsmen are dead-set on getting the groom drunk the night before the wedding, but a hangover on such a long and emotional day really isn’t that hilarious. Don’t be That Guy. I’ve seen them a time or two at weddings (had one just a month ago that was sated and was cussing out me and the wedding photographer too for no reason). Drunks are no fun and they ruin the entire night so know when to cut yourself off, it’s not a frat party so be respectful.

So there you have it some great information that you can pas on to any groomsmen that will be attending your own wedding. Being apart of the wedding party is a honorable task as you help support your friends into a new part of their lives, marriage. The couple has a lot of stress on their shoulders so be supportive and help them out as you can.

Thanks again for checking out the blog here, I have plenty more great articles on the website about the local wedding industry so check them out! Oh, and if you haven’t thought about a wedding film, you really should head to my experience page and check it out.