What Happens if You Skip a Wedding Video?

Many couples that I meet with over the years have skipped a wedding video or film for various reasons, many say it’s not in the budget or gave it more of an after thought on the wedding planning punch list, some didn’t see it as important at all. Listen, no matter what the driver was for skipping out on a wedding video or wedding film, I want you to hear it from couples that skipped it and what they had to say more than a year after their own wedding.

“Loved Your Work, But It’s Not in Our Budget…”

That’s something many wedding video pros hear within their career and its sort of a scapegoat when it comes to saving a few bucks on the wedding. Well I want you to meet Suzanne and Jacob, a couple that’s from Blacksburg, VA. They met with me in 2014 about a wedding video and decided to skip it altogether. I sat down with them in 2019 in Blacksburg and asked them now that they’d been married for roughly 5 years if they regretted not hiring a wedding video professional.

Me: “Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to meet up again, so you’re 5-year anniversary is coming up in October, just a few months from now. When we last met in person you were considering a wedding video and decided against it, have your thoughts changed on that, I guess my question to you [Suzanne] is did you regret not hiring someone to videotape the wedding?”

Suzanne: “Honestly, yes! After the wedding we got our photos and we did see a few video clips from people with smartphones, but nothing professional. Looking back, the day went so quickly, and I really wish we hired you or someone to capture our day. The images are nice but after Mimi [Grandmother] passed away, we don’t have any video of her or even of the vows and all the fun stuff too.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that your grandmother passed away, I’m sure that was tough on you guys, I remember you saying you were close to her, like a mom of sorts. If you could say anything to a couple getting married in our region and they’re on the fence about hiring a professional for a wedding video, what advice would you give them?”

Jacob: “Honestly, we had already spent nearly $20,000 for the wedding, another $1,500 or two grand isn’t really going to make that much difference. My buddy Steven got married and he had a wedding video, they look at it every so often and I wish we had one ourselves. If you’re thinking about getting one and on the fence, just do it.”

Suzanne: “If I could go back, I’d 100% hire someone to capture the day without question. Our wedding photographer did a great job, but I don’t remember much about the day beyond the images and what I can remember.”

“Video Keeps Changing So We Said No”

I met anther couple recently, Amanda & Jenny, who currently live in the DC metro area. They got married back in 2015 and I met them over at Panera Bread in Roanoke when they came down to visit with some friends of ours.

Me: “Hi ladies, thanks for hanging out this eve, hope you don’t mind me asking you a couple questions for the blog here. We first met at the bridal show in 2015 and we had some discussions about getting a wedding film. You gals passed on me, did you hire someone else or even have a film?”

Amanda: “We did not hire anyone to film our day, we talked about it at length and thought the photos would be more than enough. We were happy with the decision at the time but at our first anniversary, we were both a bit disappointed, not in you, we liked what you had to offer, but disappointed in the fact that we didn’t take on a wedding video guy such as yourself.”

Jennifer: “We thought about it at length after speaking to you over the phone and took a couple weeks of going back and forth and ultimately decided it wasn’t for us. We should have got a video looking back on it now, but in the moment, you think more about the budget and cost savings than preserving the day on video.”

Me: “May I ask what you ladies spent on the wedding day and would have say, a thousand bucks on a wedding video made that much of a difference?”


Jennifer: “Sure, we spent right at 15 grand on the wedding. At the time, yes it would have made a big impact, but looking at it now and with those things that you offer, like the payment plans or whatever you call them, no it really wasn’t a deal breaker for us. During the planning process, we’re so both consumed by saving money on the wedding, we didn’t really think things through with a wedding video and wish we had one, at least for the ceremony part of it”

Me: “Why did you girls decide against it?”

Amanda: “Honestly, because of the way formats have changed over the years… from DVD to BluRay to USB, then streaming…we felt- well my thinking anyway is that if we bought something like a wedding video the format would change in say 10 years and we could no longer watch-“

Jennifer: “-well yeah but we saw where your cousin was able to take her DVD and make a USB from it, I think it’s just the changes in video types.”

More than 10 Years

Finally, I chatted with Dalton and Jonice, a couple that I have known since the early 2000’s. Dalton worked in web and databases and I’ve known him for a long time here in the region. My email questions included:

Josh: “Hi guys, thanks for letting me ask about the wedding from 2004. I’m writing a blog for the website and I wanted to know how not a wedding video having has effected anything with your anniversary and if so, how do you feel about it so many years later?”

Dalton: “Hi Josh, great to hear from you! Of course, we skipped a wedding video with you as well as someone else. It was just a cost issue at the time. Now that it’s 2019, we truly wish we had it captured. As far as how its effected us, it only effected us at the anniversary. We do look at the wedding pictures together and reflect but wish we had a video to go along with it. I’d suggest getting one, you don’t need one of those fancy film kinds, just a ceremony is all you really need, but I’m old fashion, haha”

Final Thoughts

The takeaway from these couples is plain and simple, get a wedding video. The great thing about my services, you don’t have to spend a lot unless you want too.

If you’re on the fence about getting a wedding video, then I suggest getting a ceremony only video. It’s affordable (Mine are under $500 but you can find some for less or more) and it’s something that honestly you will be happy with many years from your wedding day.