The Top 5 Things Brides Forget when Planning their SWVA Wedding

Welcome back friends, thanks again for checking out my blog and for those that are new to me, welcome! You know as a wedding filmmaker I’ve seen a thing or two over the last 20 years of capturing couples. One of the tail-tail signs of a great wedding is great communication and great planning and when I’m at a wedding creating a time capsule for a couple, I can usually tell when they didn’t plan well, overlooking some things that no one tells them.

Well, today, I want to share with you the top 5 things that brides often forget when planning the wedding and these are things that I’ve seen as a wedding professional.

Having Vendor Meals

Number five on the list is not having wedding vendor meals. Sure, we’re the hired help and I get it. But one of the things that some couples often overlook is having extra food for the vendors, the DJ, the officiant, the photographer, videographer and the like too.

As we’re busy taking care of the wedding, we also need a break so we can rest and recharge for the second half of the evening.

For me as an example, I take about 20 minutes to eat, rest, change batteries, lenses and memory card if needed and I also setup a light for the first dances at the reception too.

Over 20 years, I’ve done about 5 of the nearly 500 weddings where me and the other vendors didn’t have a dinner meal, the couple forget about us.

I highly recommend having something for us, even if it’s not the fancy meal that is being served.

The DJ Play List

Back in 2013 I did a wedding where the couple forgot to tell the DJ what NOT to play. They didn’t want any country music played at the wedding and the bride hated country music. Well, the DJ didn’t know that and guess what, right after the first dances, he played a country music tune.

And of course, the bride got upset and swiftly walked to the DJ table and had him stop it at once. I highly recommend that when you connect with the DJ that you let them know what you want and what you don’t want. Now, I will tell you that DJ wasn’t a professional, it was a family friend that plays in a band of some sort. Anywho, it made for a bad vibe afterwards and people didn’t really dance and enjoy themselves because they were worried about the bride going crazy again.

After You Leave

This is a big item, it’s after you get into the car and leave the venue, what happens to all the stuff? The gifts, the makeup kits, the clothes and stuff laying around from changing and prep before the wedding and of course, cleaning up too.

I’ve seen many couples do their exit and leave, never to return and many people are left trying to figure out who needs to gather what, such as the wedding dress and everything from the wedding.

I suggest that you have a point person to make sure some people are cleaning up the wedding, collecting gifts and the card, wrapping up the food, the cake and personal belongings too. It’s not the venues responsibility to manage your stuff so make sure there is a game plan if you leave the wedding venue after your exit.

Allergies or Diet Restrictions

This is a very important one.  I’ve done many weddings where people would skip portions of the meal such as a cranberry pecan salad because they were allergic to tree nuts or the like. Some couples don’t go through the catering prep with that in mind and they leave it out on the RSVP all together.

Some people have to have gluten-free items, some have tree but allergies or even shellfish allergies, I recommend having your guests alert you to that if needed when they do the RSVP and tell the catering company ahead of time too.

Bad Weather Game Plan

The number one thing that I see, even in 2019 is couples not having a good backup plan if it rains. This year, I’ve had three weddings where they couple didn’t have a backup plan and yes, it rained. Fortunately for me, I had rain gear to help keep my cameras nice and dry, but for the older people in the audience, they didn’t fair to great, many people had umbrellas and those that did were blocking views from the wedding guests behind them.

Having a secondary game plan if there is any chance of bad weather (my rule of thumb is 20% or more) is to have the wedding indoors, under a canopy, tent or venue if possible. While getting married outdoors is pretty and amazing here in the mountains of where we live, getting rained on is not fun, especially in an already heavy wedding dress!

And there you have it friends, my top 5 things that couples tend to overlook time and time again here in the Roanoke Valley.

Thanks again for reading the blog and be sure to check out my many other blog-posts about the local wedding industry that can give you great money saving tips, ideas and solutions to your common wedding questions!