Live Stream Your Wedding

Live Streaming Weddings is More Popular than Ever

One unique thing that I offer here at Wedding Films is live streaming, I started doing it back in 2014 with a basic setup. Today, I used a Mevo Camera system, a professional grade camera system that can stream to social media platforms as well as YouTube. My first year of offering it just 1 couple wanted live streaming, today of the 15 couples I do, 3-4 want a live stream of their ceremony.  Today, I want to share with you why you should think about upgrading to my live stream services.

For Friends Far Away

You’re getting married and your friends are on the other side of the country. You REALLY want them there but honestly; they can’t afford to see you get married. Having a live stream of your wedding ceremony allows you to be able to share with loved ones so they can see and hear the ceremony as if they were sitting in the audience as a guest.

And they will be, just a virtual wedding guest. One of the great things about the Live Stream system I offer is that if for any reason there is an internet signal loss, the camera will still record and upload automatically as soon as internet reconnects. Your friends will be able to watch and rewatch it again and again if they wish.

Family that Physically Attend

Perhaps, you have family that is elderly and simply can’t make it. Maybe you have family overseas or in the military that want to attend but they simply can’t. This might be an option you would want for your wedding day. Allowing your family to be there without physically being there is a great idea.

All Your Friends Can Attend

If you have a lot of social media friends, you can allow them to see the wedding and even purchase additional time to put Mevo at the reception as well.  I’ve filmed weddings before and also incorporated live streaming for the bride’s social media friends, old high school and college friends as well as church friends too. I’ve setup my system to also showcase the couples first dance and speeches at a wedding before too.

It’s Affordable

I want you to think about this for a minute. It’s more affordable to drop a couple hundred bucks on a live stream like I offer than it is to pay for catering for those guests, party favors and wedding cake too. And let’s be real for a minute, while you might want your Twitter and Facebook friends to see you walk down the aisle in your custom dress, having them watch it in real time online is going to make more sense.

As more and more younger couples do a lot online, they also want to have live streaming as a way to show their online community the wedding and allow them to share in their day as well.