Another Great Wedding Idea to Consider

A great wedding secret that you can drink, and your guests can take with them too!

Recently I was filming a wedding in Roanoke County where the couple had a red and white theme, It was lovely, and everything matched. The white dress, the white tuxes with red flowers, the tablecloths, the wedding cake the straws in the drinks, the flowers, you pretty much name it.


One thing that I saw, and thought was extremely neat was the glass bottles of Coke, but this wasn’t just any glass bottle of Coke, it was customized with the bride and grooms name on it! I thought this was super neat because the guests we’re talking about it as well as enjoying soda with their BBQ dinner.

I reached out to Coca-Cola last week and they provided me with a website that I’d like to share with you. In the email, they explained that they offer an entire line-up of products from engagement parties, to wedding receptions and even wedding proposals too. How neat is that?!

I was poking about on the website and found a full list of items that they have. The soda was a bit expensive but at just $5.00 a bottle in bulk, it makes a great gift that guests can drink and enjoy as well as take home as a wedding souvenir.

You have three choices you can pick from, Coke, Coke Zero and Diet Coke.

If you want a great personalized gift that your wedding party can enjoy and keep, I’d consider getting some for your wedding. (And no, I wasn’t paid to talk about this nor and I being sponsored by them, just thought it was super cool)