Wedding Videos are NOT for Everyone

Hi friends, my name is Joshua and I’m a wedding filmmaker and yes, wedding video and films are not for everyone. Why would I say that? I’d be losing business by saying that. Am I mental?

No. Honestly, they’re not for every couple that gets married, today, I want to share with why they’re not for everyone and also who they are for too!

The Common Responses

Many times, I hear various reasons why couple don’t choose a wedding film. It’s usually one of the following:

“We love your work, BUT, It’s just not in our budget…”

“We can’t hang a video on the wall like you can a wedding photo…”

“My family want’s photos as a gift and you can’t gift a video…”

“Video formats are always changing…”

Listen, I get it. In fact, more than 76% of couples will skip a wedding video all together because they believe one of the various reasons above. When you compare the amount of wedding photographers in the region compared to those that do video in 2019, its’s a ratio of 7:1 in the commonwealth and that’s just on, there are actually far more not listed. (Richmond Region that includes Roanoke, etc)


Video has always been a struggle to get into the wedding market as a mainstream line item.

Not all couples really need a wedding video, truth be told. Those that choose a wedding video or wedding film want to remember what was said at the ceremony, they want to be able to relive friends and family at the wedding and sometimes they want to be able to capture the day in order to remember those loved ones that are pasted away years down the road.

I recently was doing some research and asked several people getting married why they thought about wedding photos ahead of wedding video. During the question session, I got some really great insights and even some pretty nasty ones too.

This wedding photographer told me that people we’re just not interested in a 3-minute highlight film for thousands of dollars and she could literally do what I do with an iPhone and iMovie.


Well, obviously she has no idea the amount of gear, time and effort we put into making a film like that and there is no way she could make something on a professional level with just an iPhone at a wedding. She also had no idea that she could be talking about herself too, people could not hire her and use smartphone to get the images themselves. Talk about ouch!

I was kinda taken back by what she said, I’ve always valued wedding photography too, never thought that’s how some tend to think about what we do as videographers.

Producing a video, a good, professional one, its expensive, more-so than photographer gear and it’s hard, just ask anyone that has done it before.

Needless to say, many of the couples getting married just assumed that photos were important, more-so than a video.

So what about those couples that are not seeking it? Well, they’re focused more on other elements of the wedding, the budget might be tight or they’re not thinking ahead into the future.

Many couples don’t realize that the budget is not really an issue. I’ve made getting a video very affordable and as basic as needed all the while being professional. And for those wanting the cinematic films that are more costly, I’ve been offering 0% in-house financing to ease payments over time.

And for the couples saying you can’t hang a video on the wall, that’s true. BUT, how many photos of your parents wedding did they have on the wall of the wedding? Not many I’d bet, in fact, younger couples today are far more likely to sit in front of the HD television and watch something together than open a photo album. Millennial’s are glued to their smart devices and they’re more likely to want to watch a 10-minute wedding film than a 2-hour traditional video or hundreds of stills in a book.

Video formats have changed a lot over the years and that’s another common excuse about not to get a video. BUT let’s be honest for a minute. When was the last time you bought a DVD? With streaming video becoming common place, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, that’s not really an issue any longer. Couples today will choose a USB flash drive as a copy and I always put a copy of their video or film on YouTube, under a private link the couple has. They can just give out the link to friends and family.

All excuses aside, some couples just don’t want a video done. I’ve met with couples that are very introverted and they just didn’t seem comfortable having a camera there, let alone a photographer. And honestly, if I come across couples like that, where one is very hesitant, I’ll simply tell them they both need to talk about having a wedding videographer further before booking with me.

Honestly, I film because I love it, I don’t need the money to keep me afloat, the money I make keeps me buying newer gear and covering some of my time, plus an occasional vacation or two, lol.

I’ve also ran across couples that I’ve met that might be a great fit, but they just don’t seem sold on video. That’s fine too, I don’t want to force anyone into getting my services if they’re not feeling the “love” on getting a video. That comes across on the videos that I make and if they’re not feeling it, that will come across on my work.

Finally, there are people that would love it but they can’t pay for it, so they choose photos instead. And again, that’s fine too. While I offer the financing and I have a basic ceremony for under $500, some couples would rather save the money or spend it into another part of the wedding. Hey, I get it, for some couples it’s just not in the books. No worries.

With the remaining 24% of couples that do want or seek a wedding film, we have plenty of work in the business in our area. Remember, I’m only taking on 15 wedding clients a year, not the 50-60 I did years ago when I had a studio and did it full time.

One thing that I’ve found interesting is that the couples that do hire me for a video will post and watch their film on a regular basis. In fact, by the first anniversary, the couples that skipped a wedding video, 92% of them wished they had one of some sort. After 2 years, that number jumps up to 96.6%, that according to

Why is that?


For a couple of reasons, first it’s to relive the day and remember what they said to each other and hear the speeches, see the emotional moments and the like. In 2015, I asked 200 couples that did not have a wedding video about their regrets and why they wished they had a video.

I’ve found that most couples just wish they had the ability to relive the day and capture the emotion of the day. I’ve found that couples will get both wedding pictures and wedding video in order to encapsulate their wedding day.  

Wedding video and wedding photography go hand-in-hand and together, they allow you to remember your wedding day, after all it’s one of the most important days of your life, make sure that you capture it from all aspects.