Wedding Video Financing

Hi friends, thanks again for stopping by the read my blog, if you’re new, welcome to Wedding Films, I’m Joshua, an experienced wedding filmmaker in Virginia.

Today, I want to talk to you about one simple thing, getting a wedding video. You know, over my 20-year career, I’ve literally seen and heard it all in the wedding business, nothing more than these words:

“We love your wedding films, but it’s just not in our budget…”

Many of us wedding videographers can related to those words and we see it all too often. Wedding video is usually on bottom of the list when it comes to be a priority, yet, its perhaps the most important that couples have, even more so than wedding photos.

The “F” Word

One of the things that many within the wedding business haven’t figured out yet the that scary “F” word, financing. While many loan companies offer wedding loan financing, hardly any one in the country is offering financing or payment plans.

Well, Wedding Films is one of the only wedding vendors in the nation that does and for that alone my services are sought after. Truth be told I’m not the best in the industry nor do I claim to be, but what I offer is called value-added services. Combined with a good video service, adding value to your brand is a very important key and couples getting married see that.

I started offering 0% wedding film financing to get couples to purchase a wedding video where otherwise they would skip it altogether. And unlike a wedding loan, you’re not charged a fee for making payments either.


Because I get it. Think of it this way for just a moment and you brides out there can completely relate.

You’re going to spend a grand or two on a wedding dress… so you can wear it…. for less than half a day.

You will spend thousands on a wedding venue….so you can use it…for less than a day.

And you’re spending lots on flowers, décor, a DJ, food and cakes… so you can enjoy it… for less than a day.

It adds up quickly.

A wedding video or wedding film, you can watch it repeatedly, whenever you want. You can hear what was said, see the emotions on you and your spouses face, see loved ones that are no longer with you and a wedding film encapsulates the movement, the sound and that emotion into one powerful film. Even the best wedding photos can’t do that.

So again, offering a way for couples to pay overtime is a great value-added thing I do. History has taught couples that they have to fork out large chunks of money upfront to lock in a vendor and the other half at or right before the wedding day.

Instead, I’ve taken a much different approach. Now, you do have to put a deposit down, 20%. But from there, the couple decides how many months they want to pay, up to 10 before the wedding day.

For example, say a couple books me for a $1800 wedding film collection (or package as some people call it). 20% of that is $360, leaving a balance of $1,440.

The couple is getting married 10 months from the contract date, so they have 2-10 months to pay but let’s say they choose 10. They would pay me $140 each month up until the wedding day.

No harm, I have a deposit for the date that is locked in so even if they cancel, I’m still covered. I don’t offer financing after the wedding, so they still must pay in full just like a normal 50% now 50% at the wedding situation.

Swallowing a $140 a month for 10 months is much easier than swallowing $900 now and another $900 right before the wedding wouldn’t you say?

For me, it’s the same amount of money and I at the end of the day everyone still wins, so why not offer it as an option?

Weddings Are Expensive

I get it after all I’m a wedding vendor. Couples that are looking on par with the same type of services that I offer with someone else typically will choose me because of my financing and my other value-added services.  Everyone loves value but many people will skew value for being cheap, trust me they’re not.

Say you’re looking at a luxury car, no matter what brand you like, they all have a couple things in common, first they cost a lot more than a normal brand, because it’s a luxury. And what do you get with luxury? Lots of cool stuff. That cool stuff you get in a luxury car, it’s called added value and that’s something I offer without charging $3-5,000 like I once did for the same services.

The bottom line for me, I film part-time now, I do it because I love it and I no longer need to make a full-time living at it, thus not having to charge more. And because I only take on 15 clients max a year, I can pick and choose who I want to work with, and I have a lot more fun filming too.

Combine that with all the value-added stuff I offer, it’s a win-win for me and that also translates into my work and clients I work with too.

My point is this, I wish the wedding industry would take a cue from others outside the wedding industry and offer a payment plan or financing plan like I do.