4 Things You SHOULD Be doing at Your Wedding

Hi friends, Thanks again for checking out the blog and if you’re new, welcome to my corner of the world. As a lifelong wedding filmmaker, I’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to weddings and which ones tend to hit it out of the park and those that are more of a foul ball if you will.

As someone with more than 500 weddings under my belt, I’ve seen it all, form backyard weddings to those that cost more than $120,000 right here in the Roanoke Valley, but yet there are a few free things that you can do to help make the wedding day become that out of the park hit!

Today, I want to share them with you so you can have the best experience no matter what your wedding budget is!

Keeping the Kids Entertained

One of the worst things about weddings is having cranky kids and let’s be real, toddlers don’t want to just sit at happy hour while you’re getting your pictures and video taken. A super SIMPLE thing that I’ve noticed is couples that have a kid friendly table with game, toys or activities tend to have a much better experience than those that don’t. And before you start thinking that you must spend more money on stuff for the children, you don’t.

Allow the parents to bring games, kids toys and other fun activities that will keep them occupied. Better yet, if you can afford it hire someone to sort of play with and watch the kids. This will allow the parents to have more fun at the reception and it gives the kids a way to stay happy and entertained.

After all, no one likes a cranky, yelling child at a wedding and trust me, I’ve seen that happen time to time. Setting up a special table just for the kids doesn’t really cost anything extra and if you do want to purchase some things, go to the local dollar store and buy coloring books, toys and things to keep them going.


Going the Extra Mile for Your Wedding Party

Many times, the couple will provide the wedding party a gift of sorts, but one thing that I’ve seen that is more heart felt than some overpriced gift is a card with a personal, heartfelt note in it. Listen, your wedding party is spending their own money and time to be apart of the wedding day.

When I see couples hand out a heartfelt, handwritten note to the bridesmaids and even the groomsman, they tend to be more emotional, more wanting to help and they seem to have a much happier experience than those that don’t.

My advice take time to provide each of them a nicely written letter, it will go a long way and it will show that you genuinely care for them and thank them for being apart of your BIG day.

Vendors Need Love Too

I will tell you as a wedding vendor, nothing makes me happier than when I get a nice thank you card in the mail from a client or a heartfelt wedding review without even having to ask for a review. Sometimes it’s a small gift in the mail, but just acknowledging us vendors for working 8-12 hours during the day, not to mention all the post-production we do (video and photos) which can range from 10-35 hours.

Those that take the time to write a lengthy review tend to make me want to provide them something a little extra such as a one-minute video teaser or an extra USB memory stick and the like too. It’s called the power of reciprocity and if you don’t know what that is it’s basically this, when you do something nice for someone out of the blue, you want to do something nice for them in return.

‘You capture more flies with honey than vinegar’

We see it all the time in society and it comes in many forms, take new car sales for example, take a test drive of a new car and they’ll send you a gift card just for driving it. Even if you don’t purchase, it’s a way to ‘thank’ them just for taking time to think about it. And psychologically, it makes you want to do something nice for their gesture and you’re more likely to buy that new car.

I do it too, I will give couples a free Onyx Hair Studio gift card worth $25 just for meeting with me in person, even if they don’t book me. It’s a way to help persuade couples that I’m here when they’re ready to get a wedding video and it works more often than those that don’t offer reciprocity.

Well, the same applies to wonderful reviews (not small cookie cutter reviews). For those getting a wedding video or wedding photos, ask before you get the final product where they can give a review at and just do it. You’d be surprised by how a little effort can give something back in return for free and that’s worth lots!

Stop Stressing from the Little Things

If you’re overly worried about things will go at the wedding and you’re being nit picky about every small detail, let me tell you a little secret, your wedding guests won’t notice, and they won’t care. So, what there are more vanilla cupcakes than strawberry on the table, who cares that the gift table has a different tablecloth color and who cares that floral arrangements are not exactly how you want them.

What you’re doing is over stressing and stress makes for a bad day.


It’s YOUR wedding day, just enjoy it. Let the professionals that you hired (like me) take care of what needs to happen and if things are not 100% perfect to your liking, it’s okay.

The wedding guest will not know any different if there are 14 tables instead of 16 or if the wine you serve is from a box rather than a bottle, they are there to celebrate the day, so just roll with it.


You honestly will not be able to control every minute detail of the wedding day, here’s what I tell couples, you have one job and job only.

Get married and enjoy the day.

If you stress over things, it will come across into your wedding party, the photos and yes, the wedding video too. Your guests will also notice, and they will not want to stay throughout the evening either, trust me.  Those that just let the small things go and those that enjoy their wedding tend to have longer receptions, more enjoyable friends and family and it makes the day much more memorable.

So, there you have it friends, four things that I suggest you do or at least think about for the wedding day. And as always, thanks for reading up on the blog, I have TONS more great wedding information, tips and tricks and money saving ideas too.

When you’re ready to talk to me about an affordable, professional wedding film that you CAN AFFORD, drop me a line, I’d be happy to chat with you! (Also ask about my perks too like 0% financing, satisfaction guarantee and my 10-year replacement warranty).