0% Financing a Wedding Video Helps Couples

0% Financing a Wedding Video Helps Couples

Listen, I truly get it. Video isn’t at the top of your wedding list of priorities, but honestly it should be. I know that you’re spending lots on the venue, the dress, the food and let’s face it, the wedding photographer too.

Let me tell you at the end of the day, you’re going to have two things from your wedding day, the photos and a video. The venue will turn around and have another wedding the day after or next weekend, the food and wine is mostly gone, the dress, you might hold onto it for a couple years if you’re lucky but most brides sell it or donate it to a charity like Brides Against Breast Cancer.

The point it this, you’re left with the memories, the images and the video. And for those that have the notion in your heads, “We can’t afford a wedding video…” or “Wedding video just isn’t in our budget…” let me tell you that it actually is!

I’m the ONLY wedding videographer in the entire mid-Atlantic region that offers in-house financing starting at 0%.

Why would I do that?

Simple. You’re spending thousands of dollars on a dress you’ll wear once, a venue that will turn itself back to normal at the stroke of midnight, spending thousands on food, beer, wine and music, so when you reach the end of your list and you think you can’t afford a video, I make it extremely affordable and easy.

This is how it works: you put down 20% of the total and you decide how many months you want to pay up until the wedding (10 being the max). Then we simply divide the balance by the months and setup a PayPal payment plan. As long as you’re making your monthly payments each month and there is a $0 balance at the wedding day, you’re golden!

I don’t charge a fee either, I mean its like a layaway plan of sorts.

What Others Say about a Wedding Video

I recently came across a Facebook post on a wedding group in DC and someone was asking about if they should get a wedding video or not. Well, overwhelmingly the people that responded seemed to think that it was one of the smartest investments.

Don’t believe me, well see for yourselves.