Three Things to Look for When Shopping a Wedding Video Company

When I meet with clients about a wedding video or a wedding film, they often overlook three key things that they should be asking about with regards to weddings. Today, I’m going to share with you those questions, provide the answers and give you insights so when you sit down with one of us, you’ll be able to ask the right questions.

Audio is Just as Important as Video

While couples tend to focus on the video, usually the clarity of it (HD or UHD) many skip over asking about the audio. Without good audio, you wedding film is just well, video without sound. Many of the wedding videographers today will use wireless lav mic systems or audio recorders such as the Tascam DR-10 that looks like a wireless.

You also want to ask about a secondary backup source of audio. Usually, this will come from an audio recorder like the Tascam DR-40 that plugs into the DJ table or at a very minimum, a shotgun style microphone on the cameras, which isn’t as good but at least you’ll have some audio.

I will tell you having clear, crisp audio makes a WORLD of difference and I highly suggest you ask about audio when meeting with one of us wedding video pros.

Lights, Lights, Lights

This is something that couples overlook and those that have evening/night weddings can sometimes suffer. Every good wedding videographer will want to have with them portable lights. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and price ranges but having a couple of battery powered LED lights or light kits can help enhance a first dance for example, your sparkler exits or just make the dance floor look a little more cinematic.

As filmmakers we’d prefer everything well lit, but if we have a simple key light during the important pieces of the wedding reception, it will make a massive difference in your wedding film. Now, we don’t need lights everywhere and we don’t need to make your reception so bright that it defeats the purpose of the atmosphere, but having a single small light shining on the dance floor with give it an enhanced look and make the video appear less grainy in low light situations too.

Warranty & Guarantee

Most professionals, including wedding photographers are not going to hang on to all your media long term. In fact, nearly 92% of wedding professionals will only hold onto your media for a year or less.

In order to give you peace of mind, ask for a warranty. I started offering a 10-year warranty about 11 years ago by keeping a master copy of my films in a fireproof safe as well as a backup on the cloud and even further, an additional copy at a safe deposit box. Believe it or not, that’s comes in handy over the years too.

Take the Phelps, a couple I did a wedding film for in the mid 2010’s. They recently reached out to me and said their wedding video I had posted on Vimeo years ago was suddenly gone. I checked and sure enough, Vimeo had removed all my media from the account since I no longer paid for that service. Luckily, I had a master copy and was able to restore their film to YouTube where it lives now. The couple was super happy I still had their video after a handful of years.

In-fact, I’m the only wedding filmmaker that I know of that offers both a 10-year warranty as well as a 30-day satisfaction guarantee too. It’s all about giving the couple peace of mind, so I’d ask about that if they don’t offer it.

While most couples are seeking that emotional response from a wedding film that makes them “happy-sad”, being able to have great audio, good lighting and a warranty are little things that can truly add up with seeking a wedding filmmaker or wedding videographer such as myself.