The MOST Important Part of Your Wedding (for the Vendors)

As a 20-year wedding professional here in Virginia, I can tell you before the wedding day even starts if it will be an easy one to film or a hard one to film. It’s quite simple really, and for those other vendors that are right along next to me, they can clearly say the same.

So, what IS the most important part of your wedding for us wedding professionals?

The timeline.

Weddings that don’t have a timeline tend to be hard because all the vendors are clueless ahead of the game and not having a document with what’s happening when, can make our jobs so much harder.

And it’s not just us video guys either, wedding photographers, cake bakers, the venue, your officiant, catering, the florist, the list goes onward.  We’re all out of the loop to so speak and we must rely on those around us to figure out what’s happening when.

It also creates a bottleneck of sorts and slows the day down.

Think about it for a minute. All those vendors that I just spoke about, you or someone there would have to tell each of us what is happening next and when its going to happen. It’s takes time to let everyone know what’s happening and when, it creates little bumps in the road at the wedding for us vendors.

What to Do

Luckily, I’ve developed a tool that will help you out if you do not have a wedding planner. If you do have a planner, I suggest that you ask them for a timeline, but in case you’re a DIY couple that needs some help, I’ve enclosed a Microsoft Word Document to help.

Having a timeline is one of the smartest things you can possibly do for your wedding day. Now, if you don’t have a wedding planner, even if you’re halfway through planning and prepping the wedding, I would HIGHLY consider one. They’ll be able to help negotiate vendor rates on your behalf, saving you even more plus they’ll be able to create a timeline for the day, which helps vendors such as myself.

Without a game plan for us vendors, no matter who we are, it just makes it very difficult to coordinate with each other and help figure out what’s happening.

Let me give you a simple example.

I did a wedding last year where the couple didn’t have a timeline, it was just on the fly when it came to reception things. Well, I kept asking about the plans at the reception so I would know what’s going to come up next and when. The bride kept getting annoyed because the wedding photographer was asking, and I was too. When we both least expected it they decided to cut the cake and do the garter/bouquet toss without warning.

Luckily, I had a camera on standby and I was recording it everything on a wide angle with that camera, both the photographer and I were over at the DJ table thinking we were getting ready for the first dance. By the time we came to the cake table, the couple had already cut halfway into the cake.

Even the DJ didn’t know what was taking place. My point is that it helps us tremendously so please consider having one at your wedding day. It will help make things run so much smoother.