Why I offer Extras for FREE

Lauren and Eric Phelps

Lauren and Eric Phelps

If you know me, then you realize that I give far more in value than what other people offer for similar pricing when it comes to wedding video and films. Today, I want to explain what I give away for free with each client and why it’s important.

The 10 Year Replacement Warranty

So, you had the wedding, you got the video back from me and the images back from the wedding photographer you hired. Awesome! After looking at each for a while, you put them away in a safe place.  

Years later, a fire comes roaring into your home and destroys the town-home along with just about every other thing that you have. How are you going to replace your wedding media?

Well, in 2012 that happened to a couple that I filmed for back in 2010. Jessica and Reagan Higson of Greensboro, NC were out of town when the neighbors at the town-home next door had a fire. By the time the fire truck arrived, fire had engulfed the couple’s property and the family on the other side before it was put out. They suffered a huge loss not just in fire damage but water damage within the town-home too. The insurance covered most everything, BUT the wedding media.

Enter my replacement warranty. Jessica and her husband reached out to me and told me the story of what happened. Luckily, I had a copy of their wedding on my thumb drive in the safe deposit box.  I went to the local Walmart and made a copy and sent it to them, no questions asked.

The photos on the other hand were a total loss. The wedding photographer gave them both the prints they ordered along with the only DVD copy of all the images. Both got destroyed in the fire.

The Dog Ate it - No Really!

Another couple that I had filmed for back in 2002 had a similar experience but with their dog. Amanda got married in 2000 and that’s just about the time we started offering DVD’s for wedding videos we filmed. One night her new husband Jimmy were playing around with the new puppy they had in the living room. Roughhousing with the pup, they quickly worn her out and they all went to bed, putting the pup in the room with them.

In the morning Jimmy woke up to make coffee and went into the living room, he found a bunch of the DVD’s had been chewed through from the puppy and of course, the pup looked so innocent too, ha!

Again, I was able to replace the media by making a copy of it for them.

Sure, keeping the work I do in a fireproof safe might seem like something stupid, but honestly, it saved the couple a few times over the years. I want to give my clients the added security that if anything happened to their film, I could replace it to some degree.

Along with that, I also have a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee. This is a 30-day period that I give you once you have the film or video, to make minor changes to it. Don’t like the music tracks that I picked out, no problem, I’ll change them for you. Don’t like a certain shot in the film, I’m happy to remove it or change it for you.

At anytime during the 30 days you have your media, I will happily change minor edits or audio at no charge for one time. Thereafter, I’d charge you, but again, I want you to be happy with the level of service that I bring to you as a client.

I do it for a couple of reasons, first, it gives me a time-frame to make good on anything that you might not like. In the nearly 500 weddings I’ve filmed, about 3-4% ask for some kind of a change, such as the music.

Second, it gives me an opportunity to fix it and it shows that I want you to be happy with your product and service. And it’s true, I do!

In fact, I’m the ONLY wedding videographer in the nation to offer both the satisfaction guarantee and the warranty on top of that.

In addition to both of those, I also upload your media onto my YouTube Channel, under a private link. This allows you to share your wedding with friends and family without having to make copies and sending them out.

You save money in the process and you also have a copy (although lower resolution) on the web. Now, I want to also let you know that just because you have it online doesn’t always mean your video is safe.

Recently, a past client Lauren and Eric Phelps had an issue. Their wedding teaser that I had put on my Vimeo account was gone. Lauren reached out to me and asked about it. Well, after diving into the account, I found that they (Vimeo) was removing some of my older work because they said it was older. Luckily, I had a copy and was able to put it on YouTube and give Lauren the new link.

Crisis averted. YAY!

Listen, I want you to have peace of mind that I can help cover you in the event of an emergency of it you lose your wedding. Being able to provide you a great experience is JUST as important as capturing your day on video.