Wedding Video for All Couples Wedding Budgets

One of the great things about being a small business owner is that you get to come up with the products and services that you provide to your clients. Over the years, I’ve learned to offer not just wedding packages for my films but a la carte too, for good reason!

Today, I want to share with you my insights as to why I offer that as well as other things to allow a wedding video for just about every couples wedding budget out there!

For Couples on a Tight Budget

For couples looking to score a professional wedding video while remaining on a budget, I offer an a la carte menu of services. One of the popular line items I have is the wedding ceremony itself, at just $475.

For that you get me, three professional cameras, wireless microphones, a soundboard audio recorder (id you have a DJ at the ceremony) and its color corrected, edited and uploaded to YouTube on a private link on my channel. Take any one of those items away, and you don’t have a great wedding video.

I make it very affordable for those with limited resources and for those looking to still capture the wedding without breaking the bank, for less than $500. Talk about a great price for couples looking to save money!

For Couples with a Small Wedding Video Budget

For those with a little more cash on hand for their wedding video, you can choose a couple of different options.

You can either add the reception highlights footage for an additional $475, making a basic video $950. But for $975, you can also select the condensed feature film. This is a 3-5-minute wedding film that encapsulates the wedding day and shows highlights of the venue, the ceremony as well as the reception.

The great thing with the two options is that you can have either a wedding video or a wedding film for under $1,000. Also, if you want to spend slightly more, you can have a traditional wedding video which is the ceremony, the reception highlights with various montages wrapped around it.

For those with a Medium Wedding Video Budget

Couples wanting a more complete wedding video and filmset can choose one of my collections. A collection is a group of a la carte items packaged together and discounted slightly. One of the great things with my services is that you will find it’s right in line with a $2,000 wedding photographer here in the Roanoke region.

My condensed collection is a combination of the ceremony, reception, condensed feature film with a wooden flash drive. It comes in at $1,775 as I discount it by $200. The luxury collection is all that plus live streaming, the Instagram wedding trailer and a couple extras tossed into the mix.  If you’re in the market for a full wedding film experience a collection is the way to go.

What’s the Cap on my Price?

So, I do have a price cap and its roughly in the $3,500 mark by the time you add in some of the wedding options. I will say that over my career as a filmmaker, I’ve done backyard weddings to $100,000+ wedding here in Roanoke and yes, we do have couple of weddings a year in our area that far exceed the $33,000 average according to (that’s $27,500 adjusted for our area)

Here in the Roanoke Valley, most couples spend on average $17,500 for their wedding. Now, that’s with all the bells and whistles and it included the honeymoon, far less than the national average.

Being able to offer something for just about all wedding budgets is something that I’ve worked with for the last 20 years.

Other Things to Help Couples

In addition to offering great, affordable pricing in all categories of wedding budgets, I also offer a few other things to help ease the burden of paying for wedding vendors.

One of the best things that I’ve done in years aside from a la carte, is I offer financing for your wedding video or film. Starting at 0%, you put down 20% or more of the balance and then I allow you to pick from 1 to 10 months to pay the remaining amounts. As long as you’re making payments over time each month, you’ll get your wedding video in a timely manner.

Paying for your wedding video over time helps eliminate that “if it’s in the budget” issue that tends to creep up from time to time.

I also offer a satisfaction guarantee as well as a 10-year warranty on the media that you get with me. I won’t go into details on that since were focused on price points today, but I will say these are value-added peace-of-mind freebies.