Roanoke Valley Wedding Dress Information


A few years ago, I was producing a locally hosted wedding show on Television called Intimate Wedding Secrets here in the Roanoke Valley.

One of the episodes I did was about wedding dresses and providing some great information about what to expect.

Ginny Callahan with the Brides House here in Roanoke is a bridal consultant that helps work with brides in picking out their wedding dress. One of the biggest questions most brides have is how long do I need to order my dress?

Ginny explains that it’s a complicated answer but the average range is 3-6 months to get the ordered dress into the shop and have it altered and ready to go by the wedding day. Bridesmaid and mothers dresses also take some time to order, get into the bridal shop and to have them fitted correctly.

During the interview, she mentioned that bridal dresses are becoming more of an Ivory color in nature than white, this is because white tends to wash bride out as she explains in the video interview. Champagnes and Ivory tend to be the most popular colors here in the area.

There is a ton more information in the video, so please check it out below.