Roanoke Brides have the States Best Vendor Pricing

For those that follow me and my blog on a regular basis knows that I collect a lot of data when I’m not out filming weddings for couples.

One of the great things that I do with that data is it allows me to help get a much better idea of the couples getting married in SWVA and it allows me to be more in-tune with them and most other wedding vendors.

The other great thing doing constant research is that I often times compare the results to other areas of the Commonwealth. So today, I’d like to share with you some results and give you some wonderful insights on getting married in the Roanoke Valley and tell you about vendor pricing too.

Wedding Vendor Costs

One of the things that I noticed about couples getting married is that they believe pricing to hire someone at their wedding is at the same levels as those in other neighboring cities like Lynchburg, Charlottesville or Greensboro.

Well truth be told, the Roanoke Valley and South Western Virginia is actually pretty cheap compared to most other markets around us. On average in wedding videography for example, its about 26% cheaper than those in these other cities.

Why is that?

Well, its a couple of common denominators such as the low cost of living and the fact that Roanoke is still very much a retirement community compared to Charlottesville for example that is a national hot wedding destination spot. In fact, if you were to compare a videographer on the same caliber in that market to me, you’ll find that my rates are on average 38% cheaper. It’s not that I do anything wrong, I just focus on the local market.

I will tell you however that because Roanoke is typically cheaper than most other surrounding areas, couples in those market will turn to Roanoke to find wedding filmmakers of the same caliber and hire them for much less, even when you include travel fees.

In the 2019 year alone, 18% of my clients are out of the market area, Charlottesville and Raleigh, even as far away as Wilmington. Why would you pay someone $3,500 when I can offer the same thing for $2,200 and still come out ahead? It just makes financial sense as you’re putting on your wedding.

Let’s Compare

I went out to a handful of areas and did some price shopping on a feature film thats about as long as the one I offer. Using just the base price and not putting anything added into it here are some results that I found:

Wedding Video Price Compare

For Feature Film

And its not just wedding video either, the pricing trends tend to follow right along with just about every wedding vendor in the market place.

Truth be told, you can have a complete wedding similar to one in another market for a LOT LESS here than you can elsewhere. Most of us wedding vendors know that but couples getting married seem to think that our prices are either high or right in line with everyone else.

The Roanoke wedding marketplace has always been a hard one to make a career from. I know of many great wedding photographers for example that travel to places like Charlotte or NOVA just to help make the added cash to be able to maintain their full time jobs.

The bad part about issues like that is that over time we tend to lose great wedding vendors, they flood into other markets where they can charge more and do less and make a much more comfortable living than if they stayed in Roanoke.

Think of it this way.

In 2015 I was pushing out about 55 weddings videos a year at a rate of $1,700 each average. In that same year, a competitor in Lynchburg did 24 weddings at a rate of $4,100 each on average.

Would you rather work more for roughly the same amount or less? Of course, you’d rather choose the easier route. The work is almost identical, the results are pretty much the same.