What Roanoke Wedding Photographers Wish You Knew Before Hiring them

Wedding photographers, much like us wedding video professionals, do a LOT of work at your wedding. While we are constantly on our toes at the wedding there is a good amount of prep wedding work and post-production work that goes into what we do.

Tabitha Parsnell Photography

Tabitha Parsnell Photography

While our media friendly cousins are somewhat different, there are some things that they too wished that you knew before you start chatting with them about hiring them for your wedding day.

Today, I want to share with you what some local wedding photographers say that they wish you knew ahead of time.

Meet Tabitha Parsnell, she's a wedding photographer here in the Roanoke Valley. I recently asked her about wedding photography and what she wished the couples knew about them.

"Pay attention to the quality of the photographers work and not just the price. Lots of couples get fixed on price and after their wedding, they end up hating their photos because they focused more on the price instead of seeing a full gallery of the hired photographers work. Don’t be afraid to ask what equipment the photographer uses. You definitely don’t want someone showing up with a simple point and shoot camera. A professional photographer should have adequate equipment; lens, flashes, etc., in order to fully capture your day."

Tabitha provides a great point, cost isn't everything. For those that are not techy, a point-and-shoot camera is one where the lens is attached to the camera and doesn't come off. In the wedding business, you want a professional that has many different types of lenses, each designed for various lighting situations and different senerios too.

Another thing she points out is a wedding photographers image gallery.

Always make sure you see images from where you will be getting married at or a similar location. For example, if you're getting married outside in October, ask to see some images outside in October. It will provide you an idea of what they are capable of doing and if you should hire them or not.

Elizabeth Harris is with Elizabeth Harris Photography is another wedding photographer here in the Roanoke Valley and she takes a different approach.

"I think the most important thing about wedding photography is that you’ll get out of it what you give! Stay connected with your photographer throughout the wedding planning process and work with them to get the best possible product in the end."

Which brings up another great point, communication is key! For me as a wedding videographer, I'm looking for the best communication possible, from couples, wedding planners and other professionals in the business. The MORE we can know about what is happening at the wedding, the better we can do our jobs!

Finally, I spoke with Kerry Corp Daly of Kerry Daly Photography, LLC. Shes a great up-comer in the wedding photography business and she brings a great focus to her work. I asked her the same question as the other ladies and she said the following.

"Investing in a photographer for your wedding is one of the best decisions you can make. It is important to research their style and make sure that it fits your taste. It is also equally as important to choose a photographer who can help you obtain heirloom quality albums and prints. You’ve invested in a photographer to help preserve your special day, it’s just as important to invest in quality products to display your memories in your home. This way, your wedding can member cherished for generations to come!"

Kerry Daly Photography

Kerry Daly Photography

Kerry's approach is to tie personal things to the couple, it helps make your images much more memorable than just normal pictures. One thing that she stresses too, those fine photo albums and frames are just as important as the images that hold them. Don't skip on those products too.

Finally, no matter whom you choose to take care of your wedding day, hire someone that is professional, someone that has good, professional gear and someone with a good history. NEVER go for price alone and NEVER hire someone that is a fly-by-night vendor. All these ladies take great pride in the work that they do and they do this for a living so they know what to look for and how to take care of you too!