Hiring the Wrong Wedding Vendor can Cost You


You look at your wedding vendor punch list and you have to find the right vendors to help match up your wedding. With a large amount of vendors to go through, picking wedding vendors can be a hard challenge with everything that you have to do. Choosing the wrong wedding vendor can cost you, both in your bank account and emotionally too.

Today, I want to share with you a few examples of how you can choose the wrong wedding vendor and some scenarios that could happen if you do.

When You Just Don't "Click"

When you book with a wedding vendor, any of them in any price range, meet with them in person if you can. At the very least, talk with them over the phone if possible. I'm going to tell you that not every vendor clicks with every couple and thats perfectly okay.

Everyone has a different personality and sometimes people just don't click. I'm not saying you have to be best friends with the vendors you hire, but you want them to have a good understanding of who you are, what you expect out of them and what they are like too.

Let me give you an example. You hire a florist because of them being a great price. Their work is okay, not great but not bad, so you hire them. At the wedding day, they arrive and put the arrangements together and while there, they are cussing like a sailor and smoking cigarettes, which get all over the flowers. They smell like cigarettes and your family is hearing them cuss like no tomorrow.

They put on a less than professional persona at your venue and of course now you have to deal with smelly flowers. It creates a sort of stress that you simply don't need, I mean hey, it's your wedding day, you're stressed enough as it is.

But It's Such a Great Price

Price is often times a major factor in hiring a wedding vendor. If price is your number one determination in hiring the vendors that you want for your wedding, you could be asking for trouble. Now, not all vendors are priced alike and thats a given, what I'm referring too are vendors that are so cheap, it's to good to be true, many times it is.

Let take wedding video for an example, after all, I'm a wedding video professional. If the medium range for wedding videographers in the Roanoke and New River Valley is about $1,700 and you see someone offering wedding video for the low price of $400 for the same level of service, you might be getting something you wish you hadn't to start.

For $1,700, you can get a ceremony video and a feature film with a few extras like live streaming, drone footage and some other upgrades. If you find someone that is "new" to the business and they're undercutting everyone by $1,000, then common sense would tell you a few things, first they most likely don't know what they're doing, second, they don't have professional gear and third, it would be hard to see them as trustworthy.

I've seen people offer wedding photography, DJ services and a photo-booth for $600 before and everything is low end and half the time their services are not stellar. In fact, recently a guy in Wisconsin was on the news because he was booking brides with wedding photography and not fulfilling them, scamming them out of more than $14,000!

Just be careful of those guys offering everything under the sun for next to nothing. You get what you pay for in the wedding business.

Are they Budget-worthy?

Now, one thing I will tell you is that sometimes wedding vendors simply aren't budget worthy.

What do I mean by this?

Using wedding video again, if you have a budget of $1,900 for a wedding video and you're looking at a filmmaker that starts at $3,100, then you shouldn't be wasting their time. This is for two reasons, honestly, you don't have the extra $1,200 in the budget to hire them and they're not going to come down in cost to you're budget. If you have a budget amount, try to stick close to it, sure a few hundred dollars difference isn't much, but more than 25% of what you have budgeted, think twice about that.

Now, vendors reading this will be saying, "Josh, thats so dumb, you're telling couples not to hire you if they can't afford you?!!".

Yes, thats exactly what I'm saying.

Let's be real for a moment. If you're a couple getting married and you have a wedding budget of $15,000, your not going to hire a vendor for $7,000 and spend the remaining balance on everything else. I WILL tell you that you need to use the budget tool I created to help give you an idea of what you should be spending on each vendor.

I always try to meet with clients and scope them out and allow them to scope me out as well. If either of us feel uncomfortable with working with each other, use just shake hands and go on our merry way. It's not personal, it's just business and I get that.

Here are a few rules that I recommend that you do with meeting with vendors:

1. Meet in person or at least try to talk on the telephone to get to know each other.

2. Ask questions about the wedding vendors work, ask for examples that will match what you're looking for with your own wedding.

3. See if they listen to what you are trying to say. Wedding vendors that listen, jot notes and pay attention are ones that you want to work with.

4. Don't use cost as the number one factor in hiring them.

5. Make sure you have a contract and one that benefits both you and the vendor.