How to Color Coordinate Your Wedding for a Amazing Wedding Video

You’ve found your forever person, you just got engaged, and you’re starting to plan the best day of your life. You’ve probably thought more about life after the wedding than you have about the actual ceremony, and aesthetic details might seem a little daunting. Picking the right colors determines the tone for the whole day, and you want to make sure your video documents the celebration perfectly. Fortunately, a little prep goes a long way with these tips that can help your wedding.

Vision Board


I highly recommend using a "vision board" in order to get a visual idea of things that like you like at the wedding and include thoughts about your color selections too. Rip out or take pictures of images in magazines that you’re drawn to, regardless of whether they have anything to do with weddings or not.

Collect pictures online and on your phone for a week, and ask your significant other to do the same.

At the end of the week, compare the pictures and see what they have in common.

You’ll be able to notice colors that stand out to both of you. Maybe you’ve both selected a number of beach scenes with prominent blues and greens. Once you’ve determined which colors you like, you’re ready to pair them and narrow them down some.

Paint Chips

Take a trip to your local hardware store’s paint section and take advantage of perusing the free paint chips. Find the colors you noticed in the activity above, and take turns holding them next to each other to determine which two or three are your favorites together.

Once you’ve settled on your combo for the big day, you can start on talking to your florist, photographer and videographer.

For the Wedding Film/Video

Taking this information to me will help me get an idea of the weddings themes and the color scheme too.

That’s important and here is why.


If you're hiring me for a feature film, I will want to pick out color grading that helps compliment the colors that you've chosen for the wedding video. For example, if you have lots of reds in your film, choosing a slightly red LUT (color grade filter) will help make the film pop.

Hiring a pro like me and having me know as much as possible, including your colors ahead of time will help me be able to make a better feature film. This way, you can focus on your wedding guests and the days events and not so much on every little detail at the wedding day. A professional will also know exactly how to capture the day so that you can relive your wedding for years to come.

The more we know as professionals, the less YOU have to worry about things.

Taking the time to understand which colors you and your partner are drawn to and then arranging them appropriately pays off for your big wedding day. Professionals like florists, planners, and videographers will help to concretely organize ideas that may be floating around in your brain about preferences for your big day.