4 Things Roanoke Wedding Videographers Wish You Knew

Weddings. The most important day of your life can be fun, enjoyable and simply amazing! There is a downside to weddings however, you have the stress of the wedding day itself, dealing with vendors and lining up everything to make the day perfect and just general stress of getting everything right.

Well, hiring a wedding videographer tends to be more along the lines of the easy side compared to other wedding vendors. Besides the easy of hiring us for your wedding day, there are actually a few things that we wish you knew about us and these things tend to run the same between us wedding filmmakers. So, with that, let’s begin.

We have LOT’s of Overhead

One of the things that us wedding video guys (n gal’s too) don’t often tell you is the amount of expensive gear that we will take along with us at the wedding. In fact, many times we are bringing more gear in value than the wedding photographer and wedding DJ combined!

A typical professional wedding videographer will have 2-4 cameras, a combination of professional tripods and monopods, professional drone, a video-gimbal or Steadicam, multiple high-end lens, wireless microphones, audio recorders and shotgun mics, sliders, light kits, a multitude of batteries and memory cards and many odds and ends people don’t think about. That doesn’t even include the super computer and all the parts needed to make a lengthy film to begin with.

Our jobs are tougher than photographers because we have more gear to push about for the evening and that puts a lot of strain on our bodies by the end of the night. It does help if we have an assistant or second shooter though.

We Need Good lighting for Video


With all that gear, we still need good lighting for the ceremony and the reception. Many times, couples will have low light at the reception and while technology has helped us with good ISO and low f-stop lenses, we still need good light. This helps prevent that grainy look you might see sometimes in older video or places where there is little to no light.

Many times, we’ll bring a light or two and place it on the dance floor at the reception so there is a constant light that helps keep things illuminated to a degree, without sacrificing DJ or mood lighting.

We need a break to Eat and “Recharge”

One thing that most of us do is take a break at the dinner service and that’s for a couple of reasons. First, we just need a break, we’ve been working since earlier in the day and we need a bit to rest up and eat something.

Second, it’s a time for us to prep for the evening. That includes switching out to new batteries, better lenses for lower light, memory sticks and to get ready for the “second act” of the wedding. Normally, I will stay close to the couple in-case something happens, and I need to record it.

Third, most people that film weddings today do not want to record people eating food, its rude and honestly not entertaining to see friends and family eating mashed potatoes or whatever.

Your Personality Makes the Video

Honestly, your personality is going to make the video, no matter the style you choose, cinematic feature films or traditional “doc” or documentary edits. If you’re stressed, it will come across on video and it won’t make for a great film.

My advice, just relax, let the hired professionals take care of your wedding day and you just enjoy the time with your new spouse.

BONUS: Being Best Buddies

With tons of wedding blogs saying it’s crucial to mesh with your planner and photographer, it might be hard to believe that it isn't a key factor in hiring a videographer.

Years from now, you won’t remember my personality, nor will it be relevant. The same applies to others like me, that wedding photographer and planner too.

On your wedding day, he or she will be silently fading into the background (so they don't disrupt natural moments), and their voice won’t be on your footage.

The most important factor when choosing a videography company should be the style of their videos. If you love their work and the films they've created for other couples, then hopefully you’re going to adore your own video and will want to watch it for the rest of your life.