Hiring a Wedding Videographer Last Minute is Hard

Last Minute Wedding Video

Choosing a last-minute wedding video or film can be a great thing for your wedding. In fact, more than 62% of couples will decide on a wedding video within two months of their wedding day.

While that’s great they choose to get one, waiting 90 days or less before your wedding can cause an issue, finding a qualified wedding videographer for your day.

See, many of the top tiered vendors will book very early on in the wedding list of vendors to connect with. One secret that many wedding videographers don’t often state is that the earlier you book with them, the better price you’ll usually receive on their services.

Today, I want to share with you a couple reasons why you need to book one when you book your wedding photographer.

Rate Changes Each Year

Just about every year, wedding vendors will adjust the rates for the new season. For example, my 2018 rates are different than the 2019 rates by about 4-7%. That doesn’t sound like much but when you’re looking at a $2,300 wedding video, that’s $92-$161 jump. Some years, I stay the same, some years I go up 1-2% while some years, more so.

While reasons vary from vendor to vendor, most do it because they’ve seen an increase in demand, they need to replace aging video gear, the economy is better than the previous year or they simply want to raise rates to be more inline with other competitors.

In any of the cases, just know that each wedding season, prices many be different for different reasons. My best suggestion is to book with a wedding videographer much earlier than you fulfilling the wedding list and seeing “if the budget allows” in finding a wedding videographer.

Last Minute Equals Little to No Discounts

When you wait last minute to book a wedding videographer and you say things like “we’re seeing if it’s in the budget” or “if the budget allows” then what you’re saying is that its not really that important to have a wedding video and if you skip out on it, it’s Okay.

Wedding video pros know this and when you start looking around, don’t expect a discount or if you are offered one, it won’t be as high as if you would have signed say 6-12+ months out. The closer you are to the wedding, the more likely you are to pay full price.

As a wedding videographer, I highly encourage you to book at least 6 months out at a minimum. Couples seeking my services 2-3 months before the wedding are not going to get my off-season deals which leads me to my other point.

Off Season Rates are Best

Here in SWVA the wedding season typically runs from March to October. What that means, if you’re getting married during these months, expect to pay a higher rate and that’s for everything. Venues, florists, DJ’s, photographer and yes, wedding video too. During the off-peak season, I will often times start with huge discounts and slowly get back up to my normal rates by Springtime and even raise them in March for the new year.

It’s a way to encourage couples to book early with me and save for the upcoming season and by booking early, you’re saving anywhere from 30%-5%. Just something to mill about as you’re planning and thinking about things.

Booking a Videographer is Hard at the Last Minute

While not impossible, booking a wedding videographer a few months from your wedding is MUCH harder than booking a year out. That’s because there are many other couples, some that have the same date as you, that are booking up vendors faster than you are.

Here in Virginia, roughly 55,000 couples get married each year and of that about 16,000 of them are in SWVA. That’s on average 288 couples each weekend that are getting married on a given weekend.

Have a popular date in the Summer or Fall, that couple bump your chances even higher, in my data I’ve seen it as high as 532 share the same wedding date.

What you will find is that many are already booked and your chances of scoring one of us is much harder.

My Final Thoughts

If you’re smart you will think more about having a wedding video than just looking at your budget and seeing if there’s money to hire one. One of the great things about Roanoke Wedding Video is that I offer a 0% interest payment plan. I make it affordable and paying over time instead of larger chunks makes it much easier to swallow for both you and your pocketbook too.

Book 6-12 months out if you plan to hire a wedding video guy and take advantage of deals, discounts and package specials too if possible.