Tips for Improving Your Wedding Video

Hi friends! Today on the blog I’m talking about ways to help improve your wedding video and what you can do in order to help make it MORE awesome. Yes, believe it or not, couples that put a little thought into the process can help improve their own wedding film!

Today, I want to share with you a few things that you can do ahead of time to make for better video (oh and photos too TRUST ME)


The number one key to having good images, be it photo or video at the wedding is having good lighting. Many times couples want low light situations and while some professionals have good low low cameras, it’s best to make sure that the ceremony venue and reception have good enough light to capture everything on media.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn down the lights so to speak, but think about having the DJ add a center light on the dance floor along with colored lights, it will make a world of difference to people seeing all the action plus it’ll improve the wedding photos and video too!

Your Venue Positioning

More and more couples are getting married an outdoor venues or non-traditional locations and one thing to keep in mind with wedding venues like these is that positioning where you will be is important, not just to wedding guests, but to the wedding photographer and wedding filmmaker too.

I suggest that when you meet with a wedding videographer such as myself, that you bring a diagram of the wedding venue and where everyone will be standing. Having a visual is important more so if you’re getting married in a non traditional location.

It will help give us video guys a chance to scope out the setup and help best position our camera gear too. Plus, smart wedding videographers will try to communicate ahead of time with the wedding photographers, get to know each other and work out a game plan of where we will be at the ceremony.

Act Natural

The BEST thing that you can do in front of a camera, any camera, is just act natural and be yourself. I always tell couples to just ignore me for the most part (unless I’m directing you for a specific shot) and treat me as if I’m just a fly on the wall.

Enjoy the day and let me capture all the good stuff that happens. I’d much rather have those surreal moments where you’re being intimate and emotional with each other than to have a fake smile on your face and pretend to be happy. This will be your wedding video after all, so make the best of it.


Finally, if you wear a wireless microphone and a wedding video pro puts it on you, just leave it on. The only person that will be able to hear what you say and do ahead of the wedding or right after is the wedding video guy, me. Listen, I’ve literally seen and heard it all at weddings before, saying something stupid isn’t going to be on video and it’s not going to be heard by wedding guests.

Just let it record and you do you.

Enjoy the Day

These are just a few tidbits that I recommend you consider for helping to improve the wedding day. My job is to make sure that I capture the days event for you and that I’m able to make the best video or film possible from it.

Your job is to get married, relax, have fun and enjoy your newfound marriage with each other, let me handle the hard stuff.