Why I charge what I do with my clients

Why I charge what I do with my clients.jpg

Having been a longtime wedding videographer in Roanoke has been fun, enjoyable and thrilling at the same time. Sometimes clients ask why I’m charging the rates that I do and they believe that I’m expensive for my services.

If you compare me to other Roanoke wedding videographers here in the area, you will find a mix of long timers like myself, some newbies and a few from outside the area that cover SWVA. Ill-regardless of whom you choose to capture your wedding day, having a wedding video will be one of the smartest things you can do as a couple. You might not see that now, but in a year, five years, ten or twenty years down the road, you will.

I could be charging much more for my services and I truly thought about raising them to what I would charge previously, but getting back into the business after a couple of years hiatus, it’s not about the money, well… it is, but thats not my focus.


Truth be told, I’m actually one of the more affordable wedding videographers in the region. See, I no longer have a studio and do filming full-time. I don’t have employee’s any more and the overhead is much less now that I’m running my part-time business out of the house. Without all the overhead of a mortgage, triple the amount of gear, advertising, bridal shows and the like, I simply love filming and want to capture the day.

I decided to charge the rates that I do because of my experience but also the amount of weddings that I want to film yearly.

That magical number is 15 for me. Years ago, when I had Weddings in Roanoke full-time, I was filming in the 50-60 range each year. Running at that speed, with business clients during the week, can be very stressful and it becomes less enjoyable.

15 weddings and two TV commercials a year is all that I’m willing to do. I have a good full-time job at Roanoke College and I love it there, besides taking on 15 clients a year gives me plenty of time in-between to really get things right, challenge myself in new ways of doing video and thinking a little more out of the box.

I also want to reach more middle or the road brides and budget brides too. For years, I’ve been striving to reach that top tier and did for a while, doing less weddings at an expensive rate, that whole less for more mentality. In Roanoke especially, that is very hard to do with their being a much small top tier bride and groom than other areas of the state.

If I can provide a couple $2500 worth of wedding services of wedding services for $1400 and give them an amazing experience, I’m happy to do it. Again, for me, its about filming and doing a professional job at it than just about anything else.

While I do need the money to keep up with the wear and tear on the gear and a few other things, filming to me is fun again and I’m much more passionate about wedding video this time around. I have no plans to expand the business but to just enjoy about 10 more years of wedding video until I either sell the company or have someone come along and take it over.

I know that I can’t film forever, but I’m definitely going to enjoy what I do while I can. :)