Silver Hearth Lodge


I’ve filmed hundreds of wedding videos in my lifetime and I simply LOVE Silver Hearth Lodge. In my eye, its the “Disneyland” of wedding venues here in Virginia. It’s the only wedding venue located on a mountain top on the Atlantic sea-board and the 40 acre campus has many venues to choose from on the property. I highly recommend SHL as this venue is very popular, has breathtaking views and offers more value for your dollar than any other venue.

Casey Anderson Wedding Officiant


Casey Anderson is a local wedding officiant and I love his style when it comes to weddings. Unlike many in the business, he truly customizes the service by integrating things about you and your spouse and his style is clean, straightforward and couples love his personality. I recommend Casey for your officiant needs, also, here is a film where I used his audio as the basis for the film.

Kupkakery Bakery

And with doing as many weddings in the Roanoke Valley as I have, I’ve tasted lots of cakes and cupcakes form many vendors. While I’ve never had a bad one, I have had one that is elevated above anything else I’ve had and that’s from my good friend Desiree Smith at the Kupkakery Bakery. She and her staff at the bakery shop have done wonders with the wedding cakes and “kupkakes” with a selection of amazing fillings, flavors and toppings.

Kimberley Izatt Photography


I enjoy seeing Kimberly Clark in action. Her style is very open and ‘light’ if you will. Shes been a staple in the wedding photography industry for many years and one of the things I love about her, she works well with others at weddings. Shes priced right and her images bring a clear, sharp and crisp view to them. Visit her website here.

Elizabeth Harris Wedding Photography

Elizabeth Harris is a newer wedding photography in the area, her style stands out among a sea of photogs in the Roanoke Valley. Shes cheerful, bright and knows how to take great images at your wedding. You will find her to be lively as shes captures your wedding day and shes another photographer that I recommend getting in touch with.

Blue Ridge Entertainment

Blue Ridge Entertainment is a great place to score your DJ. Kidd Carter is a true pro as he’s also an air talent on WXLK, K92 FM here in the Roanoke Valley. He brings a true professional experience with him and he really knows how to turn up the volume and get people dancing and having fun at your reception. Reach out to Kidd and tell him I sent you!

Alan Dever Entertainment

Alan Dever Entertainment is another great DJ I love working with. Alan brings true vibes to the dance floor and you can tell that like Kidd, he really enjoys his work. He will help bring your wedding to life using a combination of music lights and dance moves!

Wisteria Ridge Wedding Venue

My friend Mary Wray and her husband set off to create a beautiful wedding venue in the foothills of Callaway, VA. Their property, Wisteria Ridge Wedding Venue has been on the block for about 5 years but has already captured the hearts of many couples all throughout the commonwealth of Virginia. With mastic landscapes and mountain views that are breathtaking, the property is one of the best in my opinion. Visit them on their website.

Presnell Photography


Tabitha Presnell is another wedding vendor that I like. Her style is different than most other wedding photographers in the region, her images are unfiltered and crisp. Her photographer is beautifully done and clients say that its more like art than imagery. I recommend that you visit her website to learn more.