Everything You Want in a Wedding Film Experience

The luxury package is designed to provide everything you want in a wedding film package all while saving you some money in the process. In this package, I personally oversee and provide a ceremony and reception video, a feature film with plenty of upgrades such as live streaming, a 60 second Instagram wedding film, drone footage, an additional cameraman for the day and much more.


You get the ceremony in it’s entirety, from the bridal party coming into the wedding venue until you walk out and everything is recorded with Panasonic Professional series DSLR’s and lenses. I will use four cameras during the wedding ceremony, two will be wide and medium lock down shots covering the venue and two will be manned by me and my wife, Carole. We will be getting tighter shots of you as you go through the ceremony, the vows, prayers or special parts of the ceremony, the kiss and of course you walking out of the wedding venue.

In addition, I will be using a second wireless mic system, one that goes on the pastor or officiant and a second on the groom typically. This will also include tapping into the sound system at the ceremony using an audio recorder if you have such at the wedding. We will both be wearing professional polo’s with the Roanoke Wedding Video brand on them.


During the reception, we are gathering all the important highlights of the reception, from the wedding party introductions to the exit if you have one, Carole and I will cover everything that is important, the first dances, cake cutting, garter and bouquet, any speeches and other special events during the reception party.

We will also be gathering footage of people dancing on the DJ’s dance floor, mingling with each other and people socializing. The ONLY time we do not film is during the dinner service, no one wants to watch crazy Aunt Gloria eating mashed potatoes. It gives us a chance to take a break, eat and switch out batteries, lenses and lights for the second half of the evening.

We may also include use of some lighting during the reception, low enough not to be bothersome, but helpful enough for the film (and the wedding photographer too)

Feature Film

The feature film is the condensed version of the wedding day that is usually narrated by you. Normally I will either have you write letters to each other and read them on camera or I will interview you about your love for each other. If doing either of those things isn’t your cup of tea, then I can can use audio from the ceremony, speeches and interview very close friends and family and use that as the basis for the film.

The feature film is usually much more emotional in nature and shows the best of the highlights during the entire day. Generally, the feature film will last about 5-10 minutes in length, although sometimes they are much longer or shorter depending on the amount of audio I have and the events throughout the day itself.

Think of the feature film as a story that you are telling to people you love and want to share your feelings and thoughts through the power of film.


Use of my aerial drone is included within the luxury package. I will use this only to capture some aerial footage of the wedding venue and place a couple of select clips in the feature film. I don’t operate it at the ceremony as it’s too loud and distracting, I usually lock down drone shots first thing when I arrive, which is about 2 hours before the ceremony.

There are some restrictions on use of a drone and it applies to all those that are part 107 certified by the FAA. That includes weather conditions, be it too windy, snowing or raining. Also, operators of drones can;t fly it more than 400 ft high or within select airspace of airports, jails and national parks. I will let you know if I’m able to fly the drone based on your location.

Live Streaming

You also get live streaming included with the luxury package. This will include setup of a Mevo camera system, a 4K live stream system that will broadcast the ceremony to our YouTube channel for friends and family to see. Additionally, if at any time there is a disruption of streaming, we will be recording a backup copy to memory and we will be able to upload it immediately after the ceremony. This rarely happens but we do have a backup just in case it fails.

Second Filmmaker

You also get a second filmmaker throughout the day. My better half, Carole will be helping to gather b-roll footage throughout the day in order to help maximize our time while on location. Since Iv’e been training her to film, she will have a similar style to mine and she will know what to look for when filming. In addition, if you wish to have her there during bridal prep rather than me, I’m happy to let her gather footage during that part of the day.

Instagram Video

As Instagram is becoming more and more popular, I’m providing couples with a 60 second wedding film just for Instagram. This video is a square format and is right at 59 seconds long (60 is the max for Instagram). It will be much like the feature film, just faster with more 1-2 second clips of the day with some narrated audio. It will be on the memory stick when it’s delivered.

Four Camera Ceremony

Having four cameras at the ceremony is better than two or three. I will be using the Panasonic GH5 and G85’s and G7’s in order to help bring multiple points of view to the ceremony. I sometimes also include an action camera that I place at the foot of the front of the aisle for those walking down the aisle shots if needed.

Second Microphone

For even better audio clarity, I will be placing a mic on the pastor as well as the groom instead of just the pastor or officiant. This is to help make things sound much clearer and be more defined during the ceremony. Think of it as added insurance that were getting good audio. Also, if you have a DJ at the ceremony for audio, we will tap into that as well, provided the DJ has a feed we can use. I use a combination of Tascam DR-10’s, Tascam DR-40 and Sony or Comica wireless systems.


Was 3,100 USD NOW Priced at 2,400 USD