More About Me

I started working in broadcasting when I was still at Franklin County High School, starting with Cable 12, a local cable TV station in Franklin County, VA. From there, I worked as an air talent at WZBB-FM radio, moving my way up to WSLS TV in 1997 as a broadcast engineer, followed by working as an air talent at WFIR AM, WXLK FM and WSLQ FM.

I finally went to Cendrick Enterprises in Salem where I learned the art of wedding video in 1998 and then worked for GoDvD, Inc. traveling to Hollywood to work with major motion picture companies on the process of DVD technology.

Afterwards, I went and taught communications at Franklin County Public Schools, then moving to the School Board Office to do computer technology. After spending time working various database and web development jobs, I opened Weddings in Roanoke in 2012 filming weddings once again in the region. I sold the company in late 2015 and signed a non-compete clause to stay out of the wedding business.

In late 2018 that company folded and I was once again able to film weddings. I started Wedding Films by Gabrielson which is locally known as Roanoke Wedding Video.

My great grandfather, Henry Martin Gabrielson at wabc, broadcast engineer

My great grandfather, Henry Martin Gabrielson at wabc, broadcast engineer

Today, I work part time filing while working full time at Roanoke College as a web and database developer.

I come from a long line of broadcasters in my family, from my great-grandpa Henry Martin Gabrielson working in the early days of radio and TV, to my great uncle Bob Gabrielson and Frank Gabrielson working in Hollywood.

My grandfather Richard Gabrielson and father Scott Gabrielson also worked in radio, television and photography.