“Combo Film Package”



You will received the ceremony video thats fully edited in the package. You do have an upgrade of a third camera instead of two, providing you an additional angle during the ceremony to view. I capture the ceremony starting with the bridal party coming into the venue until you kiss and walk away.

In the package you will have two locked down cameras as well as my camera on a monopod allowing me to work with your wedding photographer, moving as needed. I will typically stay in the center aisle about half way down for most of the ceremony.


Following the ceremony, you will also receive up to five hours of reception coverage. I will be gathering all the important highlights during this time and I will also be gathering some clips of wedding guest mingling, dancing and enjoying the evening with each other.

This should be enough time to capture everything including an exit if you have one, your first dance, cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss and other important elements that you may have at the reception.


Feature Film

You’ll also receive the feature film for the day which is a nicely edited and thought-through film designed to give you a full days worth of emotional highlights into a condensed film for friends and family to also enjoy. The feature film is separate from the ceremony and reception video although everything will be on the wooden, maple USB 3.0 memory stick that is included in the combo package.

Additional with the Combo Package

In addition to the three services above, you’ll also get the drone footage upgrade, the wooden USB memory stick, the private YouTube links you can share with friends and family, the third camera upgrade at the ceremony and of course my 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 10 year replacement warranty.

It should be noted that I can only fly the drone under select weather conditions, select heights (no more than 400 ft) and select locations across the country, this per FAA rules and regulations.