“Ceremony Video”


The Ceremony

The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding. When I capture it on video, I’m going to use two or more professional DSLR cameras, upwards of four are available for the wedding if you wish.

I’m also going to use a wireless microphone to capture the audio and if you have a sound system at the ceremony, then I will try to tap into that with an audio recorder and I’ll also have a wireless mic.

During Filming

During the ceremony itself, I will be operating one of the cameras, if you hired the second camera operator, they will be using that. Otherwise, I will have a locked down wide angle shot and maybe an action camera down the aisle.

I will capture everything from the bridal party walking into the venue, the bride walking down aisle to the vows, any special part such as a sand ceremony or candle lighting, the kiss and you walking out of the venue.


The Reception (if purchased)

Couples that choose the additional reception footage will get me for five hours of coverage.

While there, I’m gathering clip of guests dancing, mingling and being social.

I will also be gathering all the important parts during that time. They might include:

  • Introductions

  • First Dances

  • Speeches

  • Cake Cutting

  • Garter / Bouquet

  • Exit

The Editing Process

The editing process is where I take all the raw footage, copy all the data onto two hard drives (one for backup) and then sort everything int the computer. I’ll take the audio sources and combine them together, clean up anything that I can then start editing the video together. On a typical 30 minute ceremony, this can take new a few hours to prefect everything.

Finalizing and Delivery

I’ll finalize the video, render it in my computer then upload it to a private YouTube Link on my channel that only you have access too. If you purchased a USB memory stick, I will copy the video to it and then put the master copy on my SSD, then in my fireproof safe for keeping.


Priced at 475 USD | Add Reception for 475 USD